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Bear Grylls World Adventure Survival Camp

Bear Grylls World of Adventure Survival Camp book camping things to take trekking america

We’re all born with the basic skills necessary to survive, that’s just instinct, but modern life has made us soft, and the likelihood that you’d make it out unscathed if you found yourself stranded in the wilderness, is pretty slim.

We’re missing some of the most vital survival skills like how to trap and prepare food and how to build and effective shelter, how to navigate without the use of a map or compass. These survival guides are designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to thrive in the great outdoors. Follow the advice in these books, and you’ll never be without some way to improve your situation, whether you find yourself stranded, or you’re just on the lookout for ways to challenge yourself.

Get back to nature, and use what’s around you to your advantage. These Survival Guides compiled by the experts at Camping Things are guaranteed to make you smarter, and harder to kill.

Bear Grylls World Adventure Survival Camp by Bear Grylls

‘The number one intro to survival guide for young explorers.’

Here’s one for the kids. As the UK’s chief scout master, Grylls knows a thing or two about getting those badges. How to start safe, responsible and eco-friendly camp fires, how to forage, how to tie various knots, it’s all covered in the ultimate young adventurer’s guide to outdoor survival.

Pitched at children and scouts in particular, the World Adventure Survival Camp guide would make an excellent gift, and could kickstart a love for the outdoors that will last a lifetime. This one comes highly recommended by all of us at Camping Things, as both a fun and informative read, and as a childhood reading companion. One of Grylls’s best books, in our opinion.

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The number one intro to survival guide for young explorers.

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