ESEE Fire Kit with Compass

ESEE Fire Kit with Compass ADVFIREKIT Ferro Rod Water Proof Capsule camping things to pack in backpack

Just when you thought that you had it all sorted with a tent, stove, torch, compass and sleeping bag, you realise that there’s something missing.

Something to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit easier, safer or more fun. We’ve gathered a selection of our top 5 best camping gadgets (really this is our favourite must-haves) and given them the Camping Things once-over, so that you’re assured a quality product, whichever one you choose.

ESEE Fire Kit with Compass – ADVFIREKIT Reflective Signalling, Ferro Rod and Waterproof Capsule

‘Superb multi-tool for weekend adventurers.’

The ESEE Fire Kit with Compass features a ferro rod for reliable fire-starting, and comes with a waterproof capsule to help keep the thing dry and safe on long treks. Also features a reflective signal and compass, for added safety when you’re out on the trail.

This is a high-quality piece of kit, and we recommend, since it doesn’t come with a lanyard attachment, keeping it a zipped compartment on your rucksack.

Quality and materials
The ESEE Fire Kit with Compass is made from durable steel, making it an incredibly hard-wearing piece of kit. There’s a length of paracord inside for tying and securing your kit and other bits and pieces, and the ferro rod is a reliable and safe way to start a fire on camp.

The ESEE is pretty simple once you strip it down, featuring little more than a ferro rod, a paracord and a reflective signaller. It’s all really high quality, however, and if you’re looking for something reliable, this is the must-have for you. Would also make a great gift.

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