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These medium-sized camping rucksacks are great for day trips and weekends away, and are compact enough to double as a solid and roomy option for commuting — especially if your commute involves wading through rivers (we’ve included rucksacks that float.)

As always at Camping Things, we only feature the best around, so you’re assured a great deal and best medium rucksack whichever one of our choices you pick. Each of these camping rucksacks has been reviewed for volume and size, durability, extra features and what it’s best for.

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OverBoard OB1142Y Waterproof Backpack – Yellow, 30 Litre

‘Lightweight, reflective, spacious and floats if dropped in water.’

The OverBoard is a rolltop rucksack with loads of room inside. An unfussy, high-quality bag with a few extra pockets to keep your bits and pieces in, the main attraction of this one for us, is the unobstructed 30L inside capacity.

If you’re someone who just needs a safe, open, reflective and rainproof place to pack your stuff (and you don’t have too much of it) then the OverBoard is a good choice.

Size and volume
30L inside volume, almost all of that is taken up by one large inside compartment. The rectangular design makes weight distribution comfortable and even, and makes access to your stuff quick and simple, even if you’re wearing bulky gloves.

It may be on the smaller side of the rucksacks we’re reviewing here, but the OverBoard is still a sizeable bag, with plenty of room for your waterproofs, shoes, maps, etc. Just make sure to wrap any dirty stuff before putting it in, as the OverBoard is just one main compartment.

OverBoard rucksacks are made using a process known as high-frequency welding, which means there’s no stitching or any permeable seams to allow water, dust or dirt inside.

That’s key for the OverBoard, which prides itself on being completely waterproof, and even capable of being briefly submerged in water, without wetting the contents. The bag itself is extremely well made and will withstand general wear and tear without any problems.

Reflective patches and breathable straps are standard on the OverBoard, but what really makes it stand out is its ability to keep out water. A seamless, stitchless main compartment mean that it’ll keep your stuff dry in rain, and if you happen to drop it in water, it’ll float.

Value for money
For a waterproof rucksack of this size and quality, the OverBoard is great value for money. Great contender for best medium rucksack in our review.

Best for
Day and weekend camping trips, or commuting.

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Trespass Albus 30L Backpack

‘High in quality, low in price, the Trespass is a winner.’

You cannot go wrong with the Trespass Albus. It’s a brand we love and trust, and just because there’s not a lot that’s fancy about this rucksack, doesn’t mean it can’t do the job. I

t’s ideal for day trips and weekends away, good for the kids and perfect as a fairweather commuter backpack.

Size and volume
Two main compartments, one large one smaller in the front, you’ll be able to get a small laptop in here, plus your waterproofs, with space in the front for your valuables or maybe a few sandwiches.

It won’t take a beating like some of the higher end rucksacks on our list, but these less expensive bags do have a way of lasting a heck of a long time with no problems at all. Trespass quality for a very reasonable price. Great contender for best medium rucksack in our review.

Just the bare bones with this one, but don’t be fooled, it has pretty much everything you need in a great rucksack: two spacious compartments to keep your belongings safe and dry, easy-access side pockets for water bottles and a drawcord front to tighten the bag up and keep things in ship shape.

Value for money
100% yes. Need we say more?

Best for
Day trips and weekend camping holidays, school and fairweather commuting.

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Wocharm 40L Molle 3D Assault Tactical Outdoor Military Rucksack

‘Superb value, military-inspired rucksack for camping.’

When you’re on a super tight budget, finding a decent rucksack can be hard work, or near impossible. We’ve found just what you need in the Wocharm 40L Molle 3D Assault. This military-inspired rucksack comes in a range of colours, and the low cost is impressive.

Size and volume
Classic shape with a sturdy base, there’s plenty of room inside the Wocharm, 40L to be precise, with space for laptops measuring up to 15”. The volume is split between the main compartment (featuring laptop divider) and a front compartment to keep all of your smaller items together.

The military styling extends into the build on the Wocharm, which is tough enough to withstand the beatings of even the roughest of weekend camping trips. Use it as a commuter, or buy one for the kids, and it’ll double as their holiday pack. High-stress stitching and plenty of straps and buckles to adjust the bag however you like.

A surprisingly generous attention to detail for such an inexpensive bag, the Wocharm features, as mentioned, a separate interior laptop compartment and space in the front for smaller items.

Value for money
The cheapest rucksack on our list, if you’re strapped for cash, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Best for
Camping on a budget, kids rucksacks, buying in bulk.

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Berghaus Men’s Free Flow II Rucksack

‘Rain cover and a breathable back to keep the sweat away.’

We absolutely love Berghaus — premium quality at prices most people can afford. The Free Flow II is an extremely attractive rucksack, designed for adventure and that’s going to last for years. The free flow back system keeps your back cool on long hikes, and the included rain cover means your rucksack and its contents stay completely dry in even the most horrific downpours.

Size and volume
Available in 20L, 30L and 40L, the Free Flow II is designed for people who know exactly what they want. The large top and front may look complicated, but that’s all part of the appeal of the Berghaus, and it’s functional, too. Loads of room and designed to keep water and dirt out.

As leaders in the outdoor gear industry, Berghaus rucksacks are designed to be in for the long-haul. This is a rucksack that’s going to last for years, and be as comfortable after 100 camping trips as it will be on the first. Our personal favourite for best medium rucksack in our review.

Features Berghaus’s free flow ventilation system, which allows air to circulate around the rucksack, keeping your back sweat-free. Compatible with hydration packs, so you can plug in your water pouch, and when it starts to rain, use the Free Flow II’s built-in rain cover to completely seal off your stuff.

Value for money
This is a great investment. The Berghaus is going to last for years, and perform well on every outing. Great contender for best medium rucksack in our review.

Best for
Serious campers and hikers (features holders for hiking poles.)

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ECEEN Solar Powered Hiking Daypack

‘Foldable rucksack with solar panel for charging devices.’

You’ve heard of smart watches, but how about smart rucksacks? Alright, so it’s a clip-on solar panel, but when you’re out in the wilderness and you’ve got something to charge, what wouldn’t you give for just a little bit of juice? The ECEEN even folds away to be stored in a larger backpack, or under an airplane seat.

Size and volume
At 19 in x 13 in x 8.2 in, the ECEEN is a decent size, and what makes it all the more impressive, is that it folds away into a neat carry case, for when you want to take it as an extra bag on flights, or pack it away in the car.

The ECEEN is no gimmick, it’s super durable and made with high-quality materials, so you’re assured a sturdy and reliable rucksack for your weekend camping trips. Great contender for best medium rucksack in our review.

Where to begin? The 3.5 Watt solar panel is capable of charging iPhone and Android phones, and the backpack comes with charging cables. Also included are three carabiners, a 7.5 in x 7.5 in carry case, and a built-in 2,000mAh slim and waterproof Li-Polymer Battery pack.

Value for money
For all of those features and that kind of quality, it’s a winner in our book.

Best for
Frequent travellers and tech-loving campers.

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Best Medium Rucksack


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Our Choice - Berghaus Men's Free Flow II Rucksack
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This is a rucksack that’s going to last for years, and be as comfortable after 100 camping trips as it will be on the first.

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