Top 5 Best Camping Hammocks

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There’s no feeling in camping quite like being suspended off the ground while you sleep, like a caterpillar in your own waterproof cocoon.

These Top 5 Best Camping Hammocks Tents are great for setting up camp on uneven ground, or away from the forest floor where there could be roaming animals, snakes, insects and what have you. We’re big fans of hammock tents anyway, and recommend them to anyone in search of a different experience — just be sure to take care of the trees you choose*.

*The Hennessy Backpacker is the most expensive hammock on our list, but it does come with special ‘tree hugger’ straps, which can help to protect the bark of any trees up 42”, that you happen to be pitching up against.

OUTAD Nylon Hammock with Mosquito Net

‘Budget hammock tent for fairweather camping.’

The OUTAD is a great introductory hammock tent for people who want to try the experience out on a fairweather trip. It won’t stand up to the kind of elemental abuse of some higher-end hammock tents, but it is waterproof and comfortable.

Size and weight
Weighing in at under 1kg, the OUTAD packs away into a small carry bag, and can support and impressive 180kg of weight, although we don’t recommend getting to frisky with someone else while you’re hanging up in your hammock!

Comes with 2 ropes and 2 carabiners, plus an integrated ‘stuff sack.’ The OUTAD is roomy, with a semi-transparent net on the top, which also doubles as a mosquito net. Simple zipper system for entry, and the whole thing rolls up tightly into its own special carry pouch.

The OUTAD is composed mainly of lightweight nylon, making it both flexible and strong.

Best for
Fairweather camping trips and backyard adventures. One of our favourite best camping hammocks.

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FOME Portable High Strength Parachute Fabric Hammock Tent

‘For mosquito-free nights under the stars.’

Quick-drying hammock tent with a transparent upper to allow for complete visibility all around. The FOME is your portable hammock home away from home, and is capable of withstanding weights up to 120kg. If you’re looking for something super basic, then the FOME is a great choice. It’s essentially a covered hammock.

Size and weight
Capable of holding upto 120kg, the hammock itself weighs just 621g. Large enough to accommodate tall people, the FOME packs away into a neat carry case for easy transportation, and can be clipped onto your rucksack, or stashed away in extra large backpack under compartments.

To keep weight and cost down, the FOME is essentially a regular, durable hammock, with a semi-transparent net cover to keep you safe from insects (but not rain.) Super easy to set up and pack away, and supplied with carabiner clip to attach to your rucksack.

Made from light and strong nylon, capable of holding upto 120kg.

Best for
Backyard adventures and camping trips in good weather.

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Pellor Dichromatic Portable High Strength Parachute Fabric Hammock Tent

‘Built-in mosquito net and solid top rope support.’

The Pellor sets up in minutes and packs away in minutes, with a built-in mosquito net to keep you free from irritating bites. Great for camping away from uneven floors and anywhere where the ground might be unsafe, covered in creepy crawlies and things which might want to eat your supplies.

Size and weight
Weighs just 610g and is capable of holding upto 200kg, the Pellor is a real-world physics lesson. Stay safe and secure with a four-way rope tie system, to attach the hammock tent to surrounding trees. Large enough to house tall people quite comfortably.

As with most hammock tents, the Pellor is pretty light on features, to help keep cost and weight down. The hammock comes with a built-in mosquito net, and folds away quickly and easily into the attached carry pouch.

The Pellor is very durable, you could carry this thing around for years and still have it serve you well. It’s made from high-quality parachute material, so it’s waterproof and flexible, too.

Best for
Day or weekend camping trips, where the weather is likely to be warm and our number 1 in this best camping hammocks review.

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Covacure Portable Hammock

‘Simple, durable camping hammock.’

If you’re in the market for a high-quality hammock to supplement your camping kit, then the Covacure is perfect. Incredibly strong, supporting upto 350kg, you can rest easy on this one. The cords and hooks are awesome quality and will make an excellent addition to the most discerning camper’s equipment kit.

Size and weight
Capable of supporting up to 350kg, the Oliver James is no joke when it comes to hammock strength. Made with the same materials as military parachutes, it’s ultra-lightweight and durable, and weighs only 0.78kg

High-quality holding cords and hooks are about as fancy as it gets on the Covacure. Look out instead, for the comfortable, durable, lightweight military parachute material, that’s guaranteed to keep you safe and comfortable.

We love the build quality of the Covacure. It’s constructed using military grade parachute material, that’s capable, along with the hooks and cords, of supporting up to 350kg of weight.

Best for
Including as part of your long-term, advanced camping and hiking kit. One of our favourite best camping hammocks.

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Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic

‘Ultra-lightweight, one of the most durable hammock tents in the world.’

We really have saved the best until last. The Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym is one of the world’s best hanging hammock tents. It’s super light, durable, waterproof, windproof, mosquito proof, you name it. One backpacker from Israel even went 17,000 miles with just a Hennessy Backpacker for shelter. It doesn’t support as much weight as the other hammock tents featured here, but if you’re under 90kg, you’re guaranteed one of the safest, most comfortable hammock-based night’s sleep of your life. We love the Hennessy, and we really recommend it for anyone serious about their travelling and camping.

Size and weight
The packed weight of the Hennessy Backpacker is 860g, so not too bad for carrying around. The height limit is 6ft, so you’ll need to be on the average to shorter side to fully enjoy it, and there’s a weight limit of 90kg.

As well as a mosquito net cover, the Hennessy also features a separate rain cover, which extends away from the hammock, to help keep rain away from you and your belongings. With an eight-point attachment system, pulling the Hennessy taut from each corner, the hammock is sturdy and windproof, more so than any of the other hammocks we’ve featured.

It comes with its own carry case, and some special ‘tree hugger’ straps, so that you can protect the bark of the trees you’re pitching the hammock to.

Spectra ropes and polyester Rainfly materials make the Hennessy both light and resistant to the elements. A winning combination in our book.

Best for
Adding to your expedition kit. Good for longer camping trips and moderate to severe weather conditions. A close contender in our top 5 best camping hammocks review.

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Best Camping Hammocks

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Our Choice - Pellor Dichromatic Portable Hammock Tent
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Weight
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The Pellor is very durable, you could carry this thing around for years and still have it serve you well. It’s made from high-quality parachute material, so it’s waterproof and flexible, too. (Check latest price and stock levels here)

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  • I was late to the party in using a hammock to go camping but knowing we were trekking through woods I borrowed a friends. 100% recommend the Hennessy its lightweight and a great nights sleep.

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