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Lighting a fire or bringing a gas lamp into the tent are clearly terrible ideas, and using up precious battery on your phone probably isn’t what you need, either, when you’re out in the wilderness.

LED hanging tent lights are a great alternative. They’re bright, inexpensive, safe and tend to last a long time. We’re big fans of LED lights, too, because they’re good to go at any extreme, hot or cold. Most the tent lights we’ve chosen to review at Camping Things, are good to go from -40 up to 60 degrees, without too much of a problem.

As always, we’ve tried to find a balance between value and quality, so you’re assured a great piece of kit, whichever one of these space-saving lights you pick.

3-Piece Rolson 24 LED Lamp with Hook and Magnet Set

‘Strategically placed lighting options for larger tents or groups.’

We trust Rolson to make great tools, and it turns out that their lights are just as good. This 3-piece set contains three identical round lights, each equipped with 24 high-performance LEDs.
They work with a simple push button located on the side of each unit, and each light comes with its own hook, so you can hang it from the ceiling of your tent. Position in all corners of your tent, or back to back in a triangle formation for maximum coverage. Great for lighting larger tents, or for sharing with your group.

Build quality
Rolson are known primarily for their great value tool sets, so we were expecting some decent quality lights. These little lights are strong and well-made. They are plastic, and perhaps aluminium would be better, but for the price, we’re not complaining

All three lights and hooks are made from lightweight plastic. There’s a magnet on the back of each light, too, for sticking the light up, if you’ve got nowhere to hang it.

Simple but effective, the Rolson hanging lights feature folding hooks for hanging, and magnets on the back for sticking. The 24 LED setup is bright and even, with a simple on/off button on the side.

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SUBOOS Ultra Bright Portable LED Tent Light

‘Traditional lantern shape, full-on LED power.

With a whopping 60 LEDs packed into the frosted dome, the Suboos is a real powerhouse, designed to light your entire tent as a hanging feature. The traditional lantern shape is a nice touch ,and it helps to spread the light evenly over a pretty large area. A frosted dome helps to disperse the light more softly, and the hanging mechanism is satisfyingly strong, so no worries about pulling it down or breaking it during transportation.

Build quality
Like most of these lightweight, inexpensive LED lights, the Suboos is best suited to more casual trips. It will work in extreme conditions, but the plastic housing may not withstand hefty shocks or crushing. Still, it is well-made made and solid enough for the price.

There’s a steel hanging mechanism on top of the Suboos, and both the frosted dome and housing are made from plastic.

There are 60 LED light packed into the Suboos, equating to 230 lumen. That’s enough to light even the largest tents, and it can be used outside, too. There are three brightness options on the Suboos (super bright, bright and dim) so you’re not restricted to the full 60 LEDs.

You can also choose to use either one rechargeable 18650 battery, or three standard AAA batteries.

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1200 Lumen Hanging Travel Light

Ultra bright, super cheap hanging tent light.

There’s possibly no better brightness to price ratio hanging tent light available than this little beast. Its lightbulb shape is delightful, and at 1200 lumen, it’s bright enough to light a small town. It’s also roughly the same size as a regular lightbulb, making it super easy to pack and transport. There’s a hanging hook on the top for your convenience, and it comes in two colours (green and orange.)

Build quality
Were seriously impressed by this little guy. It costs next to nothing, and is capable of lighting your entire tent for days, non-stop. Excellent battery efficiency, ultra-bright eco bulb style hanging tent light, made from solid plastic, which with normal use, should last a long time.

One of the best tent lights we’ve tested

Nothing overly fancy here, just solid, lightweight plastic on both the bulb dome and housing, as well as the hanging hook.

Simple on/off push button, hanging hook, frosted bulb dome and an ultra-bright LED setup, what more could you ask for in a tent light this inexpensive? We love this one.

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LE Collapsible LED Camping Lantern flashlight

‘Light, portable, collapsible. The LE is the real deal.’

The LE Collapsible LED Camping Lantern flashlight really is the real deal when it comes to hanging tent lights. Tried and tested for use in extreme conditions, the LE LED lights are up to 10 times more efficient and up to 100 times more long-lasting than standard LEDs. Made from a lightweight and strong zinc alloy, the Lumena is also well constructed, making it less prone to coming apart on long journeys (shock and vibration-proof.)

A moveable handle on the Lumena allows it to be positioned at any angle, and the light it gives off is crisp and even. Supplied with a hanging hook, and features a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Build quality
The build quality of the LE Collapsible LED Camping Lantern flashlight is superb. Designed to perform whatever the conditions, it’s made from a lovely zinc alloy, which looks and feels satisfyingly strong and reliable. The case feels durable, which is a plus if you’re doing a lot of travelling on bumpy roads. Inside, the LED setup comes courtesy of LE, and is up to 10 times more efficient and up to 100 times more long-lasting than standard LED setups.

The case feels strong and the whole thing is collapsible making it dual purpose, a bright led torch or stretched to become a lantern.

The LE is great on power it has a long battery life. About 15 hours for full brightness  in average , 30 hours for half brightness, 23 hours for flashing mode. It’s available in three colours, and for sure one of the most attractive hanging lights we’ve ever seen. Compact and lightweight, the LE Collapsible LED Camping Lantern flashlight measures just 50mm tall and weights x 130 grams (0.3lbs)

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Rolson Tools 61770 72 LED Camping Light

‘Solid bar light for even brightness distribution.’

Like its cousins the 3-piece hanging set, the Rolson bar light is a great addition to any camping or hiking kit. Available as a great value two-pack, a single Rolson bar light contains a reassuringly bright 72 LED setup. Simple on/off push button, and a plastic hanging hook for keeping the light up and out of the way inside your tent.

Build quality
Just like Rolson’s tool sets, the bar light is great value, coupled with excellent quality. We’re big fans of the bar light, and it works just as well outside as it does inside the tent. A great contender in our best tent lights review.

The housing and LED cover are made from high quality plastic, making the Rolson bar light strong and lightweight.

72 LED lights is enough to light your tent, plus a small camping area, and if you’ve got nowhere to hang the Rolson, it comes with three magnets on the back, so you can stick it wherever you like.

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Best Tent Lights

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Our Choice - LE Collapsible LED Camping Lantern flashlight
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The LE is great on power it has a long battery life, on average about 15 hours for full brightness. (Check latest price and stock levels here)

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