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Magnesium Firestarter

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If you’re heading off on a long weekend away camping, or if you’re hiking and you know that a few extra comforts would make the trip easier, we’ve got some suggestions.

These lightweight camping gadgets are great value for money, and can help turn a basic cooking stove, into a full-on dining experience. As always, we’ve chosen a balance between high quality and value, so you’re always assured great kit, whatever you choose.

Magnesium Firestarter

‘Expertly mined for your camping convenience.’

Ever been on a camping trip and tried to use two pieces of flint to start a fire? Hard, isn’t it? Magnesium is way easier to use, and when you strike it with a piece of specially-cut iron, well, you may as well be using a lighter. Windproof, waterproof, all attached to a handy string, you are the Magnesium Firestarter, twisted firestarter.

What’s included?
One piece of magnesium, and one piece of iron.

How does it work?
Simply scrape a few magnesium shavings onto your desired thing to burn, then strike the magnesium column with the iron scraper to produce a spark and light your fire.

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Simple quick way to start a fire – one piece of magnesium and one piece of iron.

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