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20 Reasons – Camping is good for you

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If you’re on the Camping Things website, then you’re either already a seasoned camper or hiker, or you’re starting out and in need of some great advice on equipment and where to go for the best outdoor experience.

With that in mind, if you are new to camping, or if you’ve become somewhat disillusioned by the whole thing, here are 20 great reasons why camping isn’t just fun, but also really good for you.

1. Quality time with the family: What better way to spend some real, and we mean real quality time with the family than to take them way out of the city, out of the hotel, away from all the distractions of modern life? We thinking that camping is a great way to get to know your loved ones better, even if you do get off to a rocky start.

2. Quality time away from your family: Conversely, if you’re the only one of your family that enjoys the real taste of freedom, then spending a couple of days away can give you the opportunity to do what you love, while they do what they love.

3. It’s cheap: Oh, yes, it’s cheap to camp. You’ve got the price of petrol to contend with, and the cost of whatever food you’re taking, but if you’re going somewhere where the camping is free (or next to free), then it’s the most inexpensive way to holiday that there is.

4. It’s fun: Scrambling over rough terrain, setting your own campfires and sleeping out under the stars; it’s what we all watch in the movies and dream about, but how many times do you actually do it in your life?

5. Great for teaching your kids about the outdoors: There are certain things you just can’t learn in school, and an appreciation for nature and the outside world is one of them. Camping is good for you and your relationship with your kids.

6. Clean air: If you live in the city, or even a small town, you really don’t realise how unclean the air is until you get out and enjoy the smell and feel of fresh air, untainted by pollution.

7. Off the grid: Get far enough away and your phone won’t work. Sounds like a disaster, and if you need to call in the emergency services, it can be, but for most people, as long as you’re sensible, getting off the grid for a few days can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

8. Away from your job and stresses of modern life: Your boss and colleagues can beat it for the time being. When you’re on a planned camping trip, there should be no good reason for anyone from work to need to contact you.

9. Campfires: Camping is good for you, who doesn’t love the idea of a traditional campfire? Open flames, marshmallows, sausages, ghost stories. How many times have you seen it and thought, ‘yeah, that’s me,? How many times have you followed through?

10. Learn new skills: Learn how to fish, or how to navigate a technically challenging path without breaking an ankle. Learn to read the time without a watch. There are loads of things you can learn by simply getting outside. Check out our guide on Bushcraft books

Camping is good for you

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11. Exercise: All the treadmill running in the world, and all the weights machines can’t fully prepare you for taking on nature. Hiking and climbing are some of the best forms of exercise there are, so get out and challenge yourself.

12. It’s peaceful: Even at moderately populated campsites, the peace and quiet compared to city living is astounding. If you’re going wild camping, you might even be able to hear yourself think for once.

13. Clear your head: When you’re being constantly bombarded by messages and emails, and by the sounds of modern life, it can be difficult to find the headspace you need to let your ideas grow. Camping is a great way to give yourself room to think.

14. Reduce stress: With the temporary removal of job stress and family troubles, the reduction in your stress levels can feel like you’ve just escaped a giant vice.

15. Become harder to kill: Learn survival skills, get fitter, more alert. When you camp and hike out in the wilderness often enough, you’ll develop a certain ruggedness which in the long-run, will make it more likely that you’ll survive the Trump presidency (which is what people are calling the apocalypse now.)

16. Become a better thinker: You need room to think. You might think you’re functioning perfectly well as is, but if you give yourself the space to let your mind expand, you’ll probably notice that the best ideas were there all along.

17. Wake up with the sunrise: Instead of your alarm clock and a raging hangover, wake up to the sun, rising above your head and flooding you with all of those feel-good hormones that come with knowing that for the next few days, this is your life, the way nature intended. Live it up, friend.  Read our guide to Wild Camping

18. Plenty to do: If you can’t have fun without your phone in your hand, then something has gone wrong. Put it away, look around you, and go find a hill to climb. You won’t be sorry that you did.

19. See the stars: Probably one of our favourite reasons for camping, this one. The stars have always been there (loosely speaking), and will be for as long as you’re on this Earth. They’re there right now, you just can’t see most of them. What a shame that is. Getting outside and away from the big city lights really is the only way to see the stars in all their glory. You might not realise how easy it is to see them once you’re away from the city, and once you’ve seen them, all that’ll matter is making sure no insects drop into your mouth, which will be hanging open in awe.

20. You’ll be glad you did: Camping is good for you, there’s no better way of experiencing the outdoors and of reaping the benefits of everything we’ve just mentioned, than to go out and do it. Everything on this list is free. Camping makes you feel good, and it’s free. There are only one or two other things in this world that do that, and one them can be done at the same time as camping.

Camping is good for you ,its the easiest, most rewarding way to get healthy and make yourself feel great. Even if you just spend the night in your back garden, do it for yourself, and bring a bag of marshmallows along, just in case.

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