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Escape the norm and hunt out your own campsite, trekking and wild camping is peaceful, thrilling, beautiful and more.

Do it alone and get a real life rush, go camping with a friend and double the experience – share the views, jokes, falls and that compulsory fireside beer.

Wild camping takes adventure seekers back to the great outdoors, by inviting them to pitch their tents away from roads, people and reception desks.

Wild camping rules differ from country to country and is rarely legal, we’ve gathered a few general rules you should always consider.

Seek permission; if you’re unsure you’re allowed to camp ask the landowner, for sure its ok to wild camp in Dartmoor and Scotland.

Arrive late and leave early, also leave no trace and camp solo or in very small groups.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re at least 100m from any roads or property borders, camp high and out of the way.

It’s very important to consider the weather especially when you’re trekking off grid, conditions can change hour to hour so be prepared.

Ultimately stay safe, be considerate and above all find that adventure.

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