Tidy Tent Xtra (Camper Cave)

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You’ve got yourself all wrapped up and covered against the elements, but what about your bikes? Keeping the rain off your bike at home and when you’re out camping means no more soggy seat, and no frame or mechanism damage from rain, sleet and snow.

If you’re on a weekend trip, a bike tent is also a great place to stash all of your other stuff, freeing up space to sleep and eat in your tent.

Tidy Tent Xtra (Camper Cave)

‘Extra large storage space for bikes and you name it.’

The Tidy Tent Xtra is designed to be large, large enough to fit your bikes and whatever else you can throw into it, all in one glorious, out of sight, out of mind pile. Large enough for at least two adult bikes and a kid’s bike, plus other stuff, the high arch design leaves plenty of room to safely and securely zip up your belongings at home, or on a weekend away at the campsite.

Size and weight
At 3.6kg, the Tidy Tent Xtra (Camper Cave) isn’t the lightest, but it is huge, at 2m tall x 1.6m long and 80cm deep. Definitely one to get set up and then leave up. It’s durable and waterproof enough to do so, and when it’s not in use, it packs away into its own carry case, for storage in the boot of your car.

You can zip two Camper Caves together if you need more space, effectively doubling the depth and the volume inside. The roll-top entry makes putting your stuff away hassle-free (no battling with a door flap) then it simply rolls down and zips closed. Completely rain and windproof, so no need to worry about your belongings getting wet, and it has an inner groundsheet, to keep bags and boxes away from the wet floor.

Designed to function just like a regular tent, the Tidy Tent Xtra (Camper Cave)is made from durable polyester, which allows rain and snow to slide right off. One of the best bike tents we reviewed.

Value for money
Great value for money. Lots of room inside and the capability to zip two or more of them together.

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Great value for money. Lots of room inside and the capability to zip two or more of them together.

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