Microfibre Travel Towel

Microfibre Travel Towel Sports Towel for Camping things to pack in rucksack

Just when you thought that you had it all sorted with a tent, stove, torch, compass and sleeping bag, you realise that there’s something missing.

Something to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit easier, safer or more fun. We’ve gathered a selection of our top 5 best camping gadgets (really this is our favourite must-haves) and given them the Camping Things once-over, so that you’re assured a quality product, whichever one you choose.

Microfibre Travel Towel – “easily one of our top 5 best camping gadgets”

‘Extra large, fast-drying towel is a lifesaver.’

This extra-large microfiber towel is perfect for packing away in your kit, as it comes in its own travel pouch. It’s big, big enough to wrap around yourself and stay warm and dry after a long day’s hiking, and if you happen to be heading to the beach, this makes a great beach towel.

Fast-drying, warm and soft, we’d pick this over a standard, bulky towel any day.

Quality and materials
The Microfibre Travel Towel is made from high-quality, fast-drying microfibers, and weighs around 350g. It’s lightweight and packable, much more so than standard cotton towels.

Lovely finish, super soft and durable, perfect for the trail and the beach.

Extra-large, packable and lightweight, this Microfibre Travel Towel comes in its own travel pouch, and at this price, you might as well buy a few and keep them in the car.

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Extra large, fast-drying towel is a lifesaver.

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