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Camping Toaster

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For preparing food, building traps and generally making your way through nature, a good multi or folding knife is essential.

Camping Toaster

‘100% makes great toast.’ Made from hard wearing steel, this toaster is perfect for a weekend away camping, folds flat for easy and compact storage. Features side walls to prevent toast tipping out over the fire

This great Coleman camping toaster is lightweight and portable making it a great accessory for camping, caravanning or hiking. The gauze base is designed to distribute the heat to assist in even cooking and can be replaced at any time.

A great simple design that lets you cook your toast over the open fire or camp stove.  Simply place the toaster gauze side down onto the fire coals or the stove top and put your bread carefully on the top, keeping an eye on the cooking process, once the toast is ready, flip it over to cook the other side.

· Wire frame
· Gauze base
· Replaceable gauze
· Size – approx. 30cm x 12.5cm
· Lightweight

A spoon at one end, a nifty fork and knife combination at the other end, a cleverly dual curved handle in between.

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Rated - Primus Outdoor Toaster
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  • Weight
  • Value


Perfect for camp cooking.

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