Our top 5 best camping gadgets

Our top 5 best camping gadgets for hiking camping things to take trekking tools for backpack kit

Just when you thought that you had it all sorted with a tent, stove, torch, compass and sleeping bag, you realise that there’s something missing.

Something to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit easier, safer or more fun. We’ve gathered a selection of our top 5 best camping gadgets (really this is our favourite must-haves) and given them the Camping Things once-over, so that you’re assured a quality product, whichever one you choose.

Microfibre Travel Towel – “easily one of our top 5 best camping gadgets”

‘Extra large, fast-drying towel is a lifesaver.’

This extra-large microfiber towel is perfect for packing away in your kit, as it comes in its own travel pouch. It’s big, big enough to wrap around yourself and stay warm and dry after a long day’s hiking, and if you happen to be heading to the beach, this makes a great beach towel.

Fast-drying, warm and soft, we’d pick this over a standard, bulky towel any day.

Quality and materials
The towel is made from high-quality, fast-drying microfibers, and weighs around 350g. It’s lightweight and packable, much more so than standard cotton towels.

Lovely finish, super soft and durable, perfect for the trail and the beach.

Extra-large, packable and lightweight, this microfiber towel comes in its own travel pouch, and at this price, you might as well buy a few and keep them in the car.

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Parapeak Survival Bracelet

‘Start a fire, catch a fish, live like a king or queen of the wild.’

If you’ve never seen a bracelet that doubles as both a fishing line and a firestarter, you’re not alone. We were bowled over when we discovered the SpartaCord, and now we’re in love. This handy bracelet looks great on its own, but unravel it, and you’ll find a strong fishing line, and a strand of fire-starting jute.

Made from genuine military-grade paracord for added strength and durability.

Quality and materials
As mentioned, the Parapeak is made from military-grade paracord, so it’s incredibly tough and hard-wearing. The metal clasp that shuts the bracelet is strong and sturdy, so no need to worry about losing it on the trail. We were suitably impressed by how well the fishing line performed, too, and by how effective the jute fire cord is.

As well as being a fishing line and a fire-starting jute cord, the Parapeak is also suitable for tying up your shelter, or securing the splint around an injured limb (we didn’t try this, but it makes sense.)

The fishing line is a #8 variety, so it’s heavy and strong enough to handle most small fish, and the jute fire-starting cord is simple, yet effective.

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Inlife Multifunctional 5 in 1 Outdoor Survival Thermometer Knitted Survival Bracelet Flint/Whistle/Fire Starter Scraper

‘The trekker’s answer to the Apple Watch.’

How many pieces of essential survival kit can you pack into a single, analogue bracelet? If you’re the Inlife, then it’s five. This awesome 5-in-1 bracelet makes a perfect gift for the avid trekker, and it doubles as a col conversation starter.

Features a whistle, thermometer, scraper, flint and paracord. Available in a range of colours, for the fashion-conscious survivalist.

Quality and materials
The scraper and flint are encased inside a sturdy plastic clasp, which attaches to the Inlife’s military-grade paracord. The whole thing is solidly built, and we’re big fans of the design, too. A great contender to win our top 5 best camping gadgets review.

The paracord is suitable for tying up your tent and other essentials, and in a pinch, can be used to secure a splint in the event of a broken limb.

The scraper and flint work as a fantastic duo to help start a fire quickly and safely, and the tiny compass is fairly accurate, as is the thermometer. They may not be Garmin standard, but they’re certainly worth a shot for the price.

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ESEE Knives ADVFIREKIT Advanced Modular Fire Kit with Compass, Reflective Signaling, Ferro Rod and Waterproof Capsule

‘Superb multi-tool for weekend adventurers.’

The ESEE fire kit features a ferro rod for reliable fire-starting, and comes with a waterproof capsule to help keep the thing dry and safe on long treks. Also features a reflective signal and compass, for added safety when you’re out on the trail.

This is a high-quality piece of kit, and we recommend, since it doesn’t come with a lanyard attachment, keeping it a zipped compartment on your rucksack.

Quality and materials
The ESEE is made from durable steel, making it an incredibly hard-wearing piece of kit. There’s a length of paracord inside for tying and securing your kit and other bits and pieces, and the ferro rod is a reliable and safe way to start a fire on camp.

The ESEE is pretty simple once you strip it down, featuring little more than a ferro rod, a paracord and a reflective signaller. It’s all really high quality, however, and if you’re looking for something reliable, this is the must-have for you. Would also make a great gift.

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UCO 8 Hour Micro Candle Lantern

‘Lovely little tealight lantern for bedtime reading.’

If you’re on the lookout for a simple tealight lantern to turn night-time camping trips into cozy adventures, might we suggest the UCO? With a single tealight, the UCO will provide 8 hours of gentle candlelight for reading and ambience.

Available in a range of colours, these little beauties make great gifts, and because you can store extra candles in the base, the whole things is super portable and convenient.

Quality and materials
The UCO is made from high grade, durable aluminium, so it’s lightweight and strong. It takes up barely any space at all, and can be collapsed to just 2.5 inches in height.

Comes with a hanging hook, and is available in a range of attractive colours. The UCO is a lovely addition to your family or weekend getaway camping kit. Simply pop the tealight in the top and light, and the ventilation system underneath keeps the flame strong and steady for hours.

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Our Choice - The ESEE fire kit
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This is a high-quality piece of kit, and we recommend, since it doesn’t come with a lanyard attachment, keeping it a zipped compartment on your rucksack. (Check the latest price and stock levels)

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  • Totally agree with the Towel review, you can have all the Hi-Tec gadgets in the world but keeping dry and comfortable on a mountain trail is worth its weight in gold.

  • Great reviews here on the Best Portable Power Bank for trekking, to be honest the market changes so quickly its hard to keep track, my advice is to buy a really cheap phone from the supermarket that will last 5 days on a charge.

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