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Just because you’re going off a wild adventure, doesn’t mean you need to be without your music, or the gadgets necessary to capture the experience.

Best camping gadgets

From the latest GoPro HERO cameras and digital radios, to completely waterproof speaker systems, GPS navigation devices and multi-knives, at Camping Things, we love gadgets, and we’ve picked a handful of our favourites to help supplement your great outdoors experience.

We’ve hunted around for a few of our favourite must-have best camping gadgets, and some which could get you out of some seriously sticky situations.

We’ve chosen the toughest, most high quality gear around, so that you need not worry about your equipment breaking down, and as always, we’ve tried our best to strike a fine balance between quality and value for money.

Check out the best in portable radios and speaker systems, and capture all the best moments with a head-mounted camera. Camping has never been so much fun, and after reviewing our choices, we think you’ll see why. Oh, and if all you’re after is some portable lighting (ideally solar-powered), we’ve got that all wrapped up, too.


All of our gadget choices at Camping Things are chosen to supplement a trip into the great outdoors. There’s no better feeling than finally finding yourself underneath the stars, of realising that true darkness really does exist, and that beyond the street lights, there’s so much more to see. And if bringing along a radio to help soothe you off to sleep is what’s called for, we’ve got it covered.

Always remember to pack extra batteries, or better yet, try charging your devices using a smart burner, such as the BioLite system, which uses thermoelectric principals to turn wood into electric energy — you’ll find those, and loads more great additions to your kit, in the Lighting section of the Camping Things website.

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