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We set up “Camping Things” because we love adventure and getting lost in the great outdoors. We wanted to share our experiences, secret UK campsites and the very latest camping equipment , tales and trails  – at camping things our aim is to simply help you get more out of getting out more.

Swap the road for a river and season 4 of that box set for the changing seasons of a mountain valley.  Do it alone and get a real life rush, go camping with a friend and double the experience, share the views, jokes, falls and the compulsory fireside beer in the remotest of quirky pubs.

This website simply aims to share the best camping gear reviews, wild camping sites and trekking experiences to help you get more out of getting out more… (see what we did there). Please get involved, tell us about your best adventures, secret camping spots and latest camping equipment.

At Camping Things, we love an adventure, we also enjoy a bit of bushcraft, and it never hurts to know to make a hat from the skin of a freshwater trout. Our books are carefully selected to bring you a combination of fun and interesting reading, while also being informative, practical guides to life in the outdoors.

Stay at home in 2024, try a Staycation

Most of us went camping with our parents when we were kids, right? Some of us have fonder memories of it than others do, but it stays with you, and you’re always glad that you can at least say that you’ve tried it.

The staycation (stay at home vacation) is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to give you and your loved ones some rest and relaxation, without having to worry about passports, currency exchange, or learning another language. It’s economical, and good for the economy, and if you’re looking for a way to recapture the magic of adventuring as a child, then finding your own way through the woods and backcountry, could put you in touch with the little explorer you used to be.

Plus, if you have your own little explorers now, then taking them on their first camping trip, knowing what you know now about how to make the experience fun and interesting for them, can be a fantastic way of introducing them to some of the finer things in life.

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Wild Camping Sites & Secrets – What we know

We get it… Wild Camping is about adventuring, about exploring the great outdoors and pitting your wits against the elements. It’s about having the chance to see the stars for once, and honestly, you don’t always get that at a regulated campsite.

That’s something we ought to mention before we get into this; wild camping isn’t regulated, and if you’re not careful, it’s not strictly legal in a lot of places, either. What it is, though, is a chance to get as close to nature and great outdoors as possible, while keeping a few of the creature comforts you’ll probably want as a modern camper. This is the Camping Things introduction to wild camping and practical outdoor gear.

Best camping gear and survival gadgets

Just because you’re going off on a wild adventure, doesn’t mean you need to be without your music, or the best portable power bank and camping gadgets necessary to capture the experience. From the latest GoPro HERO cameras and digital radios, to completely waterproof speaker systems, GPS navigation devices and multi-knives, at Camping Things, we love wild camping outdoor gear and gadgets, we’ve picked a handful of our favourites to help supplement your next big adventure.

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Share your best wild camping sites

We’d love to hear your experiences, best camping gear, secret UK campsites, tails and trails, please do get involved and share your adventures on our message board


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