Bike Cave Tidy Tent

Top 5 Best BIKE tents camping things to pack for mountain biking Bike Cave Tidy Tent for cycle storage

You’ve got yourself all wrapped up and covered against the elements, but what about your bikes? Keeping the rain off your bike at home and when you’re out camping means no more soggy seat, and no frame or mechanism damage from rain, sleet and snow.

If you’re on a weekend trip, a bike tent is also a great place to stash all of your other stuff, freeing up space to sleep and eat in your tent.

Bike Cave Tidy Tent

‘Perfect for apartment living and camping.’

We love the Bike Cave Tidy Tent as a camping accessory, but it’s also great for people with bikes who live in apartment complexes, or who just don’t have the space for a shed. Large enough to house two adult bikes in a completely waterproof environment, you can lock the bikes up through the small opening in the back of the Bike Cave.

Size and weight
At 2.8kg, the Bike Cave is sturdy and hefty enough to be left up as a permanent fixture at home, and durable enough to take on wet and windy camping trips. At just under 2m tall, it’ll house your bikes and other belongings comfortably, without the risk of tearing it or knocking it down when you take stuff out.

The sloping design means rain and snow simply slide off, and the flexible poles make it quick and easy to set up, even in challenging conditions. You might need to weigh the bottom down in windy conditions, but the Bike Cave does feature a groundsheet to keep everything completely safe and dry. One of the best bike tents we reviewed.

Value for money
As a temporary or permanent fixture, the Bike Cave Tidy Tent is great value for money.

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As a temporary or permanent fixture, the Bike Cave is great value for money. (check latest price and stock levels)

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