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Lixada Windproof Gas Stove

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A lot of ultra-portable stoves and camping kit simply doesn’t cut it. It’s flimsy and weak, you can’t do a single thing with it. Not our picks.

At Camping Things we’re proud of our selections and only review the most high-quality equipment around, at the best prices. These ultra portable stoves are light, powerful and built to last

Lixada Windproof Gas Stove

‘360 degree windproof stove for camping.’

Even the slightest breeze can blow out lesser stoves before they even really get going. The Lixada Windproof Gas Stove is windproof around its entire edge, making it frustration-proof, too. Attaches separately to a gas canister via a flexible hose, and folds up neatly for transportation. It’s bare bones, but it works well and we love it.

Weight and portability
The Lixada does fold up to make it more portable, although it doesn’t flatten like the BushBox does. It’s solid and extremely well made, and at 280 g, it’s capable of holding up 10 kg of weight. Not that you’d load it with that much, it just means that it’s incredibly sturdy.

As with all Lixada products, this one comes in a handy box for storage and transportation.

Made from stainless steel and copper, runs on butane gas.

The Lixada features a cellular furnace chamber at the top, which helps to release a large amount of heat, evenly, so that you food cooks properly all around. Features three stents (stands), which fold in and out, and they’re really well and sturdy. The Lixada Windproof Gas Stove has a fairly wide base, which is fine once it’s out in the open, and means it provides a solid foundation for pans.

Why we love it
The cellular furnace diffuses the heat evenly but strongly, so that food and liquids heat evenly but efficiently. A great contender to top this portable stoves review.

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It’s bare bones, but it works well and we love it.

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