Coleman Cobra 2

Best TWO man tents camping things to take hiking Coleman Cobra 2 Person tent for Backpacking

As always, we’re conscious of cost, and we won’t compromise on quality, so you’re assured a great tent with any of these picks. Ideal for two people, or for a single person in need of a lot more room.

Coleman Cobra 2

‘Separate space on both sides for each person’s belongings.’

The Coleman Cobra 2 is a really nicely thought out two-person tent, with a little porch area for eating and cooking, and separate side mini porches for each of you to stash away your stuff, safe and dry. It’s wind resistant and of course waterproof, and about as light as many one-person tents.

Size and weight
A total interior width (on the first layer) of 1.25m offers just enough room for two people, although it is cosy, so we hope you’re good friends with your bunk mate. The interior is 77cm high at its highest point, so not incredibly tall, but that makes it resistant to wind with still enough room to sit up inside.

The Coleman Cobra 2 opens on one side only, but the porch structure is present on both sides, which means there’s room to keep your belongings separate (which kind of makes up for the two of you being so close together in there.) The tent is extremely sturdy as is, but really comes into its own when the wind picks up. Because it’s low to the ground, and because it’s so strong, the Cobra stands up to high winds really well.

Also features a mesh panel on the inner door to allow for proper ventilation.

Made from durable, windproof and waterproof polyester.

Best for
Mild-ish weather camping weekends.

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Made from durable, windproof and waterproof polyester.

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