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Cool Camping Cookbook by Tom Tuke-Hastings

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One day you’ll find yourself out in the wild without a can of baked beans, and if you don’t know what the shot is, you’ll go hungry. But why? There need not be any reason why you can’t use what’s around you to prepare a delicious, filling and healthy meal in no time.

Even if you do have food with you, knowing how to cook it well while you’re out on the trail is still a challenge, but there’s no excuse for not knowing how to do it; the information is out there, and we’ve got it.

These are just a few of our favourite camping cookbooks, ones which we’ve all dipped into at some point to get us out a sticky situation. We’re particularly fond of the Cool Camping series, with its mixture of fun and delicious recipes, and practical tips for preparing food without the modern comforts.

Cool Camping Cookbook by Tom Tuke-Hastings

‘The original Cool Camping cookbook for outdoors-lovers.’

The 2007 original version of Cool Camping Cookbook is as fun as it is informative. Packed with easy and delicious recipes on a budget, Cool Camping is geared toward those days and nights when all you’ve got is a gas burner and few pots and pans.

This understated bestseller is one of our favourites, and a great go-to for meal ideas when we’re off on a camping trip. Great for advice on barbecuing and grilling, as well as simple soups and stews, the original Cool Camping Cookbook is not intended as a fine-dining, sterilised cutlery experience. It’s simple, fast, good food on the go, stuff that’s easy to make and good to eat.

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The original Cool Camping cookbook for outdoors-lovers.

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