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Advanced Bushcraft: The Art of Wilderness Survival

Advanced Bushcraft Expert Field Guide Wilderness Survival book camping things to bring in backpack

What you learn from these books might not be profound enough to save your life, but they sure are a lot of fun, and when it comes to bushcraft, for most of us, that’s what it’s all about.

Knowing what’s safe to eat and what’s not, how to build an effective shelter and how to stay to warm when you’re out in the wild, we’ve picked a few of our favourite best bushcraft books, to help you make the most of the world around you.

Never did practice as a scout? Learn how to live off the land, and turn what looks like nothing, into something practical, and often fun. As always at Camping Things, we’re about combining great quality and value, and we only choose books we love. Great for yourself, and perfect as gifts.

Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival by Dave Canterbury

‘Beyond bushcraft, learn how to thrive in the wild.’

New York Times bestseller Dave Canterbury is back with The Art of Wilderness Survival, the follow-up to the wildly success Bushcraft 101. In this edition, Canterbury talks about how to navigate without the use of a map or compass, as well as how to start a fire with minimal resources, and which foods are safe to eat (as well as where to find them.)

Learn how to track and hunt wildlife, getting closer than ever before, with The Art of Wilderness Survival, you’ll be able to go further and deeper into the the wilderness than you’d ever imagined. Even if you don’t end up stranded in the middle of the jungle, it’s still pretty cool to be able to impress your friends and family with all that you’ve learned. Build a fire, build a shelter, forage for food and cook it, all without spending a single penny.

Highly recommended for experienced outdoors-lovers and casual campers. This beautiful book makes a great coffee table conversation piece, too. A great contender in our list of best bushcraft books.

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Beyond bushcraft, learn how to thrive in the wild.

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