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The Camping Cookbook by Annie Bell

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One day you’ll find yourself out in the wild without a can of baked beans, and if you don’t know what the shot is, you’ll go hungry. But why? There need not be any reason why you can’t use what’s around you to prepare a delicious, filling and healthy meal in no time.

Even if you do have food with you, knowing how to cook it well while you’re out on the trail is still a challenge, but there’s no excuse for not knowing how to do it; the information is out there, and we’ve got it.

These are just a few of our favourite camping cookbooks, ones which we’ve all dipped into at some point to get us out a sticky situation. We’re particularly fond of the Cool Camping series, with its mixture of fun and delicious recipes, and practical tips for preparing food without the modern comforts.

The Camping Cookbook by Annie Bell

‘Savoury and sweet treats from the queen of outdoor cooking.’

Dubbed The Queen of Outdoor Cooking, Annie Bell returns with over 60 recipes for use in the great outdoors. From picnic lunches to family meals, when resources are scarce and firepower is limited, Bell’s recipes deliver.

The Camping Cookbook is one of the most comprehensive outdoor cooking guides we’ve come across, and each recipe is created and tested by Bell herself. This wonderful book makes a great addition to any weekend camping trip, so you’ll never be far away from a healthy, delicious meal, one made all the more satisfying with the addition of your own fair hand.

Recipes include chicken tagine and baba ganoush with apricots, as well as sweet treats like sticky nougat (a fun and delicious alternative to marshmallows.) The Camping Cookbook is a one-pot wonder filled with enough recipes to keep you going for years.

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Savoury and sweet treats from the queen of outdoor cooking.

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