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Olight Handheld Torch 1000 Lumens M1X Striker LED Tactical Torch

Olight Torch 1000 Lumens M1X Striker LED Tactical Torch Flashlight camping things to bring hiking

We’re big fans of LED torches at Camping Things. We think they produce a clearer, crisper light, which is great for seeing at night, in wooded areas and caves. They also last longer than incandescent bulbs, and don’t dim as much over time.

You’ll find a range of style and prices to choose from here, but be aware, that a torch is an investment. You won’t be replacing it anytime soon. As always, we’ve tried to strike a balance between high quality kit and great value for money, so you’re assured an outstanding handheld torch, whichever one of our picks you choose.

Olight Handheld Torch 1000 Lumens M1X Striker LED Tactical Torch

‘Tactical torch for active campers.’

The Olight Handheld Torch is a tactical, technical torch lover’s dream. Compact, lightweight and powerful, the Olight has different brightness settings, from 0.5 lumens, up to 1000 lumens — phenomenal for such a small torch. It’s an LED torch, and it runs on batteries. Really one of our favourite ultra-compact torches, were big fans of the Olight for adventure camping.

What’s included?
The Olight Handheld Torch comes with a strong lanyard, allowing you to clip the torch to your backpack, glove glip or belt. The torch itself is ultra-durable and shockproof, too, so no need to worry about it getting bashed around.

Made from a combination of hardened aluminium and stainless steel, the Olight Handheld Torch is made for the extreme outdoors, and is a real rough and tumble kind of LED torch. The Olight’s casing is anti-scratch and crushproof, too, so it’ll stand up to the toughest hikes without a problem.

Up to 190m effective range, waterproof and crushproof, the Olight also features a strobe mode for attracting attention, should you get into difficulty on the trail. There’s a removeable pocket clip on the side of the torch, which you can use instead of the lanyard, or as well as if you’re climbing or running.

Recommended for
Rough and tumble hiking and camping.

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Up to 190m effective range, waterproof and crushproof.

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