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BioLite Nanogrid Light

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Biolights, solar and rechargeable lights are a logical move for people who love the great outdoors, and who want to keep it that way.

We’ve chosen some of the best solar and most eco-friendly rechargeable camping lights, which strike a balance between great value and great performance. Keep your solar light out during the day to charge, and enjoy free energy all night long. If you’re hiking, find a way to secure your lamp to your rucksack, and charge as you walk.

As always at Camping Things, we only review the best, most value-for-money options, so you’re assured a great deal, whichever light you pic

BioLite Nanogrid Light and Charger

‘Charge devices, light your entire site with ambient lighting.’

We’re huge fans of BioLite, and their Nanogrid set makes a fantastic addition to your eco-friendly lighting kit (also a great gift.) Share your energy between devices, by linking them together, and charge phones and tablets by plugging them into the built-in USB ports on the BioLite set.

The BioLite Nanogrid Light system has a 20 ft cable reach, so it’s perfect for arranging and lighting a small campsite.

Build quality
BioLite are a New York-based startup who specialise in high-end portable, solar lights. They’re built to last, they look great, and they’re made from extremely high quality materials. We absolutely love this BioLite Nanogrid Light, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

The whole system stacks away neatly, and is made from a combination of hard-wearing plastics, with a fabric connecting cord for the SiteLight set-up.

Included in the BioLite Nanogrid pack are two hanging lanterns and a handheld torch/standing light. The SiteLight cord connects all of the lights together, enabling you to share the energy between them. You can also charge your phone and other devices using the built-in USB ports on the BioLite Nanogrid.

Comes with the option to hook up other BioLite products, such as the BioLite Basecamp lamp, and BioLite solar panels.

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The BioLite Nanogrid Light system has a 20 ft cable reach, so it’s perfect for arranging and lighting a small campsite.

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