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Coleman PefectFlow Burner Stove

Coleman PefectFlow 1 Burner Stove camping things to take for camp cooking gas stove

These choices are a little bigger than the ultra-portable stoves we’ve reviewed at Camping Things, but they’re still easily packable.

Wind can seriously ruin a good time when you’re out camping, trying to cook. That’s why we’ve picked a range of the best camping GAS stoves that are windproof, so that you can keep the heat, no matter how rough it gets.

Coleman PefectFlow Burner Stove

‘Large enough for an 8 inch frying pan.’

The Coleman PefectFlow Burner Stove is a long, upright burner, great for saving space, and capable of holding an 8 inch frying pan on top. Features Perfectflow and Perfectheat technology to ensure even and efficient heating. The burner and base of the Bottle Top separate from the propane bottle for easy compacting and storage, and wind protectors help to keep the heat centred and flowing.

Weight and portability
The Coleman packs away into any large rucksack, and separates from the canister if you want to share the load. The stove itself weighs just a few hundred grams, making it efficient and powerful.

Made from high quality steel and aluminium, Coleman know their stuff, and this burner is a great choice for hiking trips and weekends away camping.

Made to perform in extreme conditions, the Coleman PefectFlow Burner Stove features Perfectflow and Perfectheat technology, which keep the heat flowing straight up, so that no energy is wasted. The appropriate gas canister will last up to nine hours on low in the Coleman, and with enough room on top for an 8 inch pan, it’s about as a close as it comes to cooking on an indoor burner.

Why we love it
The big burner platform and high, efficient heat mean that food is heated quickly and efficiently. That’s all you really want from a burner, right? The Coleman has it, and it works every time.

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The Coleman packs away into any large rucksack, and separates from the canister if you want to share the load

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