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Lixada Mini Ultra-light Spirit Burner Alcohol Camping Stove

Lixada camping stove Stainless Steel Portable Mini Ultra light Spirit Burner camping things to take for campsite cooking

A lot of ultra-portable stoves and camping kit simply doesn’t cut it. It’s flimsy and weak, you can’t do a single thing with it. Not our picks.

At Camping Things we’re proud of our selections and only review the most high-quality equipment around, at the best prices. These ultra portable stoves are light, powerful and built to last.

Lixada Mini Ultra-light Spirit Burner Alcohol Camping Stove

‘Compact, lightweight alcohol burner.’

If you’re in the market for a portable alcohol burning stove, the Lixada isn’t only one of the best, most affordable options, it’s also one of the most attractive. The elegant stacking design keeps everything sturdy and compact. This stove runs on alcohol fuel, and if you don’t use it all at once, simply cover with the included screw-top sealing cover. Durable, attractive, super packable and available in four different colours, for the fashion-forward camping chef.

Weight and portability
With a packed weight of 188g, the Lixada Camping Stove  weighs next to nothing, and the elegant stacked design, which is also incredibly durable and hard-wearing, makes it easy to pack and transport. Fits easily into a backpack or glove compartment.

The Lixada Camping Stove is made from a combination of copper and aluminium alloys, making it lightweight in all the right places, and durable and conductive in others.

The Lixada is really simply constructed, with four main components — a stent (stand), fuel reservoir, sealing cover and fire cover. No switches on the Lixada, when you’re done cooking, simply replace the extinguishing lid and the fire will die out.

Choice of four stand colours: bronze, gold, green and grey.

What we love
Stackable design makes the Lixada Camping Stove  really easy to use, set up and carry around. It’s also one of the most attractive portable stoves we’ve seen.

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With a packed weight of 188g, the Lixada Camping Stove weighs next to nothing.

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