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Firestarter Survival Kit Bracelet camping things to bring trekking pack rucksack

Just when you thought that you had it all sorted with a tent, stove, torch, compass and sleeping bag, you realise that there’s something missing.

Something to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit easier, safer or more fun. We’ve gathered a selection of our top 5 best camping gadgets (really this is our favourite must-haves) and given them the Camping Things once-over, so that you’re assured a quality product, whichever one you choose.

SpartaCord Fish & Fire Survival Kit Bracelet

‘Start a fire, catch a fish, live like a king or queen of the wild.’

If you’ve never seen a bracelet that doubles as both a fishing line and a firestarter, you’re not alone. We were bowled over when we discovered the SpartaCord Survival Kit Bracelet, and now we’re in love. This handy bracelet looks great on its own, but unravel it, and you’ll find a strong fishing line, and a strand of fire-starting jute.

Made from genuine military-grade paracord for added strength and durability.

Quality and materials
As mentioned, the SpartaCord Survival Kit Bracelet is made from military-grade paracord, so it’s incredibly tough and hard-wearing. The metal clasp that shuts the bracelet is strong and sturdy, so no need to worry about losing it on the trail. We were suitably impressed by how well the fishing line performed, too, and by how effective the jute fire cord is.

As well as being a fishing line and a fire-starting jute cord, the SpartaCord Survival Kit Bracelet is also suitable for tying up your shelter, or securing the splint around an injured limb (we didn’t try this, but it makes sense.)

The fishing line is a #8 variety, so it’s heavy and strong enough to handle most small fish, and the jute fire-starting cord is simple, yet effective.

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Start a fire, catch a fish, live like a king or queen of the wild. (check latest price and stock levels here)

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