Garmin 64S Handheld GPS Navigation

Garmin 64S Handheld GPS with TOPO UK Ireland Light Map with Barometric Altimeter and 3 Axis Compass

Navigation by the stars was good enough for our adventurer forefathers, and while it’s a great skill to have if you’ve got the time and inclination, having a compass and GPS map tracker on hand can make life a lot easier, and save you a lot of time when it comes to getting where you’re going.

For serious explorers, a solid GPS Navigation system and 3-axis compass are essential pieces of kit for staying safe and on track. We’ve picked a few of our favourite navigation devices, which combine a high-quality compass, GPS, altitude and barometric pressure indicators. There’s something here to suit every budget, and as always at Camping Things, we combine quality and value, to ensure you get the best, whichever one you pick.

Garmin 64S Handheld GPS Navigation with Barometric Altimeter and 3 Axis Compass

‘Ultra-accurate topographical map of UK and Ireland.’

The quad helix antenna on the Garmin 64S Handheld GPS Navigation makes fixing your location fast and accurate, and with a solid 3-axis compass built in, finding your bearings is a breeze. Comprehensive navigation features join an outstanding barometer and altimeter, and with the most accurate and up-to-date map of the UK and Ireland you’ll find almost anywhere, this is one bit of kit you don’t want to be without on serious treks.

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Build quality
Garmin quality, coupled with the latest in GPS navigation technology makes the Garmin 64S Handheld GPS Navigation one of the best navigation devices on the market. Solidly built and simple to use, we love this one.

As well as being a leading compass and navigation tool, the Garmin 64S is also compatible with your smartphone, making it easy to share your progress with friends and family (and to show off how far you’ve climbed.)

The 64S also features:

  • Altimeter — Best-in-class elevation measurements, backed up by Garmin’s world-leading technology.
  • 3-axis compass — Always find your way quickly and accurately.
  • Wireless connectivity — Stay in touch with people back home or elsewhere on the trail.

Best for
Serious or team treks.

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Solidly built and simple to use, we love this one.

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