ECEEN Foldable Solar Panel Backpack – 33L

ECEEN Solar Powered Hiking Daypacks with 3.25 Watts Solar Charger for Hiking camping things to pack for Backpacking

Running out of juice when you’re half way up the trail, or when you’re in for a long night, sucks. Sure, you’re there to enjoy the great outdoors, and if you can see the stars, then who needs Facebook?

But sometimes it’s just necessary to have certain devices charged and ready to go. And for that, you need some serious portable power; reliable energy packs that’ll keep your equipment charged and ready. We’ve picked a few of our favourite portable power packs, including solar-powered energy cells, which you can charge and use again and again, without harming the environment.

As always at Camping Things, you’ll find a lovely balance between quality and value for money, so you’re assured a great piece of kit, whichever one of these power packs you choose.

ECEEN Foldable Solar Panel Backpack – 33L

‘Sizeable backpack with built-in solar panel for charging devices.’

For the tech-loving traveller who likes to make every gram count, the ECEEN foldable backpack is a gem of a find. With a 33L capacity, it’s a sizeable backpack in its own right, but it doesn’t stop there — the ECEEN Solar Panel Backpack folds away into its own handy travel pouch, so that you can pack it away into your suitcase, or keep it in the car for later trips.

The folding solar panel on the front of the front of the ECEEN Solar Panel Backpack is extremely energy-efficient, and collects enough power in just a few hours to power most standard phones and devices.

Build quality
The ECEEN is really well-made. A lot of these folding backpacks can be somewhat of a novelty, but the ECEEN Solar Panel Backpack is a solid bag all-round, regardless of the solar panel.

The solar panel
The panel itself attaches to the front of the backpack and acts as a holding pad when charging devices. It’s energy-efficient, meaning it charges quickly, and comes with a USB adapter so that you can plug devices directly into it.

Best for
The ECEEN is great for hiking trips and longer holidays. Perfect as a standalone backpack, and for folding away for when you need it.

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Sizeable backpack with built-in solar panel for charging devices.

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