Anker Solar Panel Charger

Anker 14W Solar Panel Foldable Dual port Solar Charger camping things to pack for hiking in backpack

Running out of juice when you’re half way up the trail, or when you’re in for a long night, sucks. Sure, you’re there to enjoy the great outdoors, and if you can see the stars, then who needs Facebook?

But sometimes it’s just necessary to have certain devices charged and ready to go. And for that, you need some serious portable power; reliable energy packs that’ll keep your equipment charged and ready. We’ve picked a few of our favourite portable power packs, including solar-powered energy cells, which you can charge and use again and again, without harming the environment.

As always at Camping Things, you’ll find a lovely balance between quality and value for money, so you’re assured a great piece of kit, whichever one of these power packs you choose.

Anker Solar Panel Charger – 14W Foldable Dual-port Solar Charger

‘PowerIQ technology detects your device for fastest charge.’

Amazon’s own Anker brand solar panel is one hell of a piece of kit. It’s not small, measuring almost 12 inches x 7 inches, but at 14W, it’s powerful enough to charge most devices, phones and tablets in a jiffy.

Those measurements are when the panel is folded; unfolded the Anker Solar Panel Charger is a sizeable beast at over 30 inches long, so you’ll need space, but if serious portable power is what you’re after, then the Anker is for you.

Build quality
Solid build quality, as you’d expect from anything Amazon-related, the Anker Solar Panel Charger is serious business, and will hold up under the pressure of regular weekend hikes.

PowerIQ technology
The Anker Solar Panel Charger features PowerIQ technology, which detects your devices to deliver the fastest possible charge for that device. Perfect for when you need to give your phone some portable power juice in a hurry.

Best for
Long expeditions and regular weekend hikes with a lot of equipment.

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PowerIQ technology detects your device for fastest charge.

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