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BioLite CookStove

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We’re big fans of BioLite, the New York-based startup turning fire into electricity.

What? That’s right, BioLite stoves, as well as being handy for cooking and heating, double as a mains-free power source, for charging lights, phones and tablets via USB. They’re reasonably priced, as well, and if there’s an opportunity to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, we’ll always support it.

BioLite CookStove

‘Create energy while you burn energy.’

As you feed biomass fuel (wood, twigs, pinecones) into the CookStove, the battery cell charges, eventually leaving you with enough energy to cook without any fuel at all. Smokeless, free energy from freely available, more eco-friendly fuel sources. With a full charge, you’ll get between 4 and 16 hours of burn time, and you can control the flame intensity with built-in fans.

Size and weight
The CookStove is sizeable, at 36cm x 11cm x 8cm, and weighs in at just under 800g. You’ll be able to fit it into any large rucksack, and it’s great for on-site camping.

Made mainly from stainless steel, the BioLite CookStove looks great, and is rust and tarnish-resistant.

The cellular style grid on the side of the BioLite CookStove distributes heat evenly, while the chimney effect canister sends heat straight up, quickly and efficiently. Depending on which burner setting you choose (Turbo, boil or simmer) you’ll receive between 4 and 16 hours of heating with the built-in battery pack, which charges as you burn fuel inside the CookStove.

Heat water and food on top of the stove, or use it as a general heater.

Heats using biomass fuel, including wood, twigs and pinecones. Once charged, the CookStove runs off of battery power for up to 16 hours.

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The CookStove is sizeable, at 36cm x 11cm x 8cm, and weighs in at just under 800g.

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