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Outwell Collapsible Kettle

camping things to pack for camp cooking Silicone Collapsible Kettle for campsite

If you’re heading off on a long weekend away camping, or if you’re hiking and you know that a few extra comforts would make the trip easier, we’ve got some suggestions.

These lightweight camping gadgets are great value for money, and can help turn a basic cooking stove, into a full-on dining experience. As always, we’ve chosen a balance between high quality and value, so you’re always assured great kit, whatever you choose.

Outwell Collapsible Kettle

‘Collapsible silicone utensils are a winner.’

Well now here’s something you don’t see every day. The Outwell collapsible kettle is a perfectly functional kettle, that folds down into itself for easy storage. Its upper is made from high quality silicone, which is heat and leak-resistant, while the base is made from stove-friendly steel.

What’s included?
You get to choose which colour you’d like, but essential this is a kettle which stacks into itself for easy storage and transportation. You’ll need a stove or heat source to use the silicone collapsible kettle, as it has no power output, but that’s fine, because you’re off the grid and roughing it anyway, right?

Upper is made from high quality silicone, base is made from durable steel.

The collapsing kettle works by being shaped like a beehive. Its narrower top segments collapse into the wider bottom segments, and are held in place by their own tension. It’s a great camping gadget, although we wish the handle detached as well.

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Upper is made from high quality silicone, base is made from durable steel.

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