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Solo Camp Stove Combo

Solo Stove Titan 1800 Camp Stove Combo Woodburning Backpacking Stove great for Camping things to pack for Survival weekend

These stove cooking sets are the most compact, convenient way of carrying around everything you need to whip up breakfast, lunch and dinner on the camping trail.

No more hauling around pots and pans, and no need to spend a fortune of self-heating packets of food. Just un-stack one of these portable cooking sets, and away you go.

Solo Camp Stove Combo

‘For the ultimate sustainable outdoor cooking experience.’

This hanging woodburner stove set is one of the best sustainable outdoor cooking combos we’ve seen in a long time. Complete with tripod and hanging hook and chain, to keep food off the floor and avoid damaging the ground. The Solo Camp Stove Combo features a patented double wall, to improve gasification and help fuel burn more efficiently, with less smoke. As with many of our choices at Camping Things, the Solo Stove is a biomass burner, so you can use wood, twigs and other natural debris as fuel.

Size and weight
Recommended by serious backpackers and survivalists, the Solo Camp Stove Combo is sizeable enough to make cooking decent amounts of food possible, while still being portable. The stove pot itself has an 1800 ml capacity (the biggest in our selection) and because the whole lot is stackable, it packs away into your car or any large rucksack without too much of a problem.

The stove set weighs around 470g.

As you might imagine, the Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo is made from stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean, durable and rust-proof — perfect for extreme hiking and bad weather camping.

The Solo Stove’s double wall design actually cooks the smoke out of the wood, then burns it twice, making for a cleaner, more energy-efficient burn. It’s called gasifying, and it’s possible thanks to the way the stove draws in air between its layers, then uses it to effectively double burn the fuel inside. It means you’ll use less fuel to boil water and heat food. Awesome green credentials, and along with how great the pot looks hung up on its sturdy tripod, the Solo Stove is a firm favourite of ours.

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Recommended by serious backpackers and survivalists, the Solo Camp Stove Combo is sizeable enough to make cooking decent amounts of food possible.

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