Relaxdays Bicycle Cover

Top 5 Best BIKE tents camping things to pack for mountain biking Relaxdays Bicycle Cover for cycle camping

You’ve got yourself all wrapped up and covered against the elements, but what about your bikes? Keeping the rain off your bike at home and when you’re out camping means no more soggy seat, and no frame or mechanism damage from rain, sleet and snow.

If you’re on a weekend trip, a bike tent is also a great place to stash all of your other stuff, freeing up space to sleep and eat in your tent.

Most of these bike tents are pretty simple, and are great for use at home, as well. We’ve got tents with zips, roll-downs and simple tarps, so whatever you’re in need of, we’ve got it covered. As always at Camping Things, we’ve tried to find a nice balance between cost and quality, so you’re assured a solid tent whichever one of these you choose.

Relaxdays Bicycle Cover

‘Waterproof bike protection for home and away.’

Simple roll-down flap, the Relaxdays is made from a durable garden tarp material, which is great for keeping water out, and for giving you a nostalgic throwback to the good old days of camping. Ultra-simple construction, quick and easy to set up, there’s also an opening in the back so you can lock the bikes to the wall or a locking post, through the tarp.

Size and weight
The Relaxdays has a packed weight of 2.5kg, so it’s lighter than the Camper Cave, although not quite as sturdy. At 1.8m x  1.5 x 84cm, it’s big enough to hold two adult bikes and a kid’s bike, with enough room left over for all sorts of other garden and camping gear. Fantastic if you have limited space at home, and no room for a shed — great for campers and apartment-dwellers.

The Relaxdays is really simple. Flexible rod support system and an easy to use roll-down, roll-up front flap, getting your stuff in and out is a breeze. Features an opening in the back of the structure, through which you can lock the bikes to wall clamps or locking posts. That roll-down flap then zips into place all the way around, sealing everything away nicely.

Made from tear-proof polyethylene plastic.

Value for money
If you can spend that little extra, maybe go for the Camper Cave, but the Relaxdays is still good value for money.

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Simple roll-down flap, the Relaxdays is made from a durable garden tarp material, which is great for keeping water out.

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