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Andes Portable Camping Cookware Set

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If you’re heading off on a long weekend away camping, or if you’re hiking and you know that a few extra comforts would make the trip easier, we’ve got some suggestions.

These lightweight camping gadgets are great value for money, and can help turn a basic cooking stove, into a full-on dining experience. As always, we’ve chosen a balance between high quality and value, so you’re always assured great kit, whatever you choose.

Andes Portable Camping Cookware Set

‘Bring the kitchen to the mountains.’

This has to be one of the most generous camp kitchen sets we’ve seen for the money. It’s not shabby quality, either. All of the pots and pans are made from anodized, hardened aluminium, so they’re non-stick, long-lasting and easy to clean. We love the Andes set as a welcome addition to the regular camper’s cooking kit. When a single pan and stove won’t cut it, if you’ve got enough arms to carry it all, the Andes set is generous and well thought out.

What’s included?
The Andes Camping Cookware Set comes contained in its own carry case, with closes drawstring style, and can be slung over your shoulder, or packed away in the car. Here’s what’s inside:

1 frying pan
1 saucepan
1 kettle
1 soup soon
1 rice spoon
2 bowls
1 mini chopping board
1 cleaning sponge

Not bad, right? The mini chopping board is a lovely touch. Our favourite thing has to be the kettle, though. It’s big and super high quality for the price. You’d be hard pressed to find another one like it for the same price.

All of the pots and pans are made from hardened, anodized aluminium, so they’re rust-resistant, non-stick, lightweight and strong. The bowls are made from hygienic plastic, which washes easily using the included sponge.

The handles on the pans are plastic-coated to protect your hands from burns, they also fold flush to the side of the pan for easy storage. They’re strong and sturdy, as are the bowls. Everything about the Andes Camping Cookware Set is thoughtfully made, right down to the raised bumps on the rice spoon, which stops the rice from sticking to it.

Everything stacks away nicely for packing in the carrying case, which in itself is a great piece of kit; simple and strong. You can use the Andes with any gas or wood burning stove set, and there’s enough room in the pans and kettle, to prepare food for several people.

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All of the pots and pans are made from hardened, anodized aluminium, so they’re rust-resistant, non-stick, lightweight and strong.

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