Rolson Camping Knife

Rolson camping knife 62494 10 in 1 Multi Knife camping things to bring in backpack

For preparing food, building traps and generally making your way through nature, a good multi or folding knife is essential.

It makes life a whole lot easier if you have the tools to take care of most jobs all in one, and at Camping Things we like to think we know a few things about getting the job done.

These are our picks of the best multi-knives and folding knives, which combine superb quality and value for money.

Rolson Camping Knife – 62494 10-in-1

‘Budget folding tool and knife set, great quality.’

At the budget end of the scale we’ve got the Rolson Camping Knife. We love Rolson, and have featured them on Camping Things before. They make great quality tools at bargain prices, and the 10-in-1 multi-knife is no exception. At under £10, you might expect something flimsy, but the Rolson Camping Knifeis a superb piece of kit, and ideal for carrying with you as part of your setup.

Build quality
We’re always impressed by how solid and functional Rolson tools are for the price. We can’t fault the 10-in-1 for a second, and given the choice, if we only had £10 to spare, we’d go with this every time.

The 10-in-1 features a knife, nail cleaner, nail file, two screw drivers, scissors, bottle opener, corkscrew and can opener. Some of the tools double-up, so you’ll need to use your imagination.

Main selling point
Price. The Rolson Camping Knife is a great little tool, excellent build quality and an absolute bargain. A superb camping knife for any adventure.

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Excellent build quality and an absolute bargain.

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