Ultimate Ear ROLL 2 Speaker

UE Ear ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker for festival Floatie best camping speaker camping things to take to a festival

Recording your adventure into the great outdoors can act as inspiration for your next trip, so don’t rely on Google Images to give you what you need, get out there and witness it for yourself.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite camping bluetooth speakers, cameras, radios and binoculars, to help you create and capture some awesome memories.

Ultimate Ear ROLL 2 Speaker – The only Camping Bluetooth Speakers with Floatie

‘The perfect sound system for water parties.’

This ultra portable bluetooth speaker is loud, seriously loud. If you’re planning on a party, a party near or on the water, make this part of your itinerary.

Twice as loud as the original UE ROLL, the ROLL 2 connects via bluetooth to your sound system, and can be floated on the water, allowing you to bring the party with you, from land, to boat, to lake.

The Ultimate Ear ROLL 2 Speaker is made for the outdoors, whether that’s strapped to your backpack, or jumping headfirst into a lake, this hardy speaker does it all, and sounds awesome in the process. Super durable and made for the rough and tumble life, the ROLL 2 comes in a waterproof floating case, which makes it pretty difficult to mess up.

Also comes with a flexible, marine-grade bungee cord for attaching the Ultimate Ear ROLL 2 Speakerto whatever you need to attach it to.

It’s time to get out and have some fun, this time with music.

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This ultra portable bluetooth speaker is loud, seriously loud and lasts for hours – The music quality is also very impressive.

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