Oliver James Portable Hammock

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There’s no feeling in camping quite like being suspended off the ground while you sleep, like a caterpillar in your own waterproof cocoon.

These Top 5 Best Camping Hammocks Tents are great for setting up camp on uneven ground, or away from the forest floor where there could be roaming animals, snakes, insects and what have you. We’re big fans of hammock tents anyway, and recommend them to anyone in search of a different experience — just be sure to take care of the trees you choose*.

Oliver James Portable Hammock

‘Simple, durable camping hammock.’

No cover on this one, but if you’re in the market for a high-quality hammock to supplement your camping kit, then the Oliver James is perfect. Incredibly strong, supporting upto 300kg, you can rest easy on this one. The cords and hooks are awesome quality and will make an excellent addition to the most discerning camper’s equipment kit.

Size and weight
Capable of supporting up to 300kg, the Oliver James Portable Hammock is no joke when it comes to hammock strength. Made with the same materials as military parachutes, it’s ultra-lightweight and durable, and weighs less than 600g.

High-quality holding cords and hooks are about as fancy as it gets on the Oliver James. Look out instead, for the comfortable, durable, lightweight military parachute material, that’s guaranteed to keep you safe and comfortable.

We love the build quality of the Oliver James Portable Hammock. It’s constructed using military grade parachute material, that’s capable, along with the hooks and cords, of supporting up to 300kg of weight.

Best for
Including as part of your long-term, advanced camping and hiking kit.

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Capable of supporting up to 300kg, the Oliver James Portable Hammock is no joke when it comes to hammock strength.

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