Coleman Aravis 2 Person Tent

Best TWO man tents camping things for hiking Coleman Aravis Two Person Backpacking Tent for trekking

As always, we’re conscious of cost, and we won’t compromise on quality, so you’re assured a great tent with any of these picks. Ideal for two people, or for a single person in need of a lot more room.

Ideally, a good two-person tent will have enough space for both of you to sleep, but also enough room for both of you move around freely, with space to stash your stuff without getting in each other’s way. Extra features such as additional side doors and porches are nice-to-haves on any tent, and we’ve tried to make selections which cater for both practicality and comfort.

Coleman Aravis 2 Person Tent

‘Fire retardant, ripstop fabric, super durable tent.’

A pitch-in-one structure makes the Aravis quick and easy to set up, which is great if you’re expecting (or already experiencing) pretty nasty weather. Made with a ripstop fabric outer to prevent tears, and a fire-retardant coating make this tent a safe bet on the trail.

Size and weight
Weighing at 2.4kg, it’s not the lightest on our list, but for a two-person tent it’s not bad. Just take turns carrying it. 2.57m x 0.8m make the Aravis one of the longer tents we’ve featured, and there’s enough room to sit up comfortably.

The Coleman Aravis 2 Person Tent really is all about durability and safety. Fire-retardant outer and ripstop fabric mean that you’re safe and protected from the elements, even in the most extreme conditions. It’s well ventilated, and like most two-person tents, comes with a handy porch feature for organising your gear for the day.

The Coleman Aravis 2 Person Tentreally shines here, with a fireproof, ripstop fabric outer to offer maximum protection from tears and camping stove accidents.

Best for
Semi-challenging hiking trails and weekend camping trips.

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The Aravis is one of the longer tents we’ve featured easily enough room to sit up comfortably.

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