Inlife Survival Bracelet

Inlife Survival Bracelet Multifunctional 5 in 1 Outdoor Survival Thermometer Knitted Survival Bracelet Flint Fire Starter Scraper

Just when you thought that you had it all sorted with a tent, stove, torch, compass and sleeping bag, you realise that there’s something missing.

Something to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit easier, safer or more fun. We’ve gathered a selection of our top 5 best camping gadgets (really this is our favourite must-haves) and given them the Camping Things once-over, so that you’re assured a quality product, whichever one you choose.

Inlife Survival Bracelet  5 in 1 Flint/Whistle/Fire Starter Scraper

‘The trekker’s answer to the Apple Watch.’

How many pieces of essential survival kit can you pack into a single, analogue bracelet? If you’re the Inlife, then it’s five. This awesome 5-in-1 bracelet makes a perfect gift for the avid trekker, and it doubles as a col conversation starter.

Features a whistle, thermometer, scraper, flint and paracord. Available in a range of colours, for the fashion-conscious survivalist.

Quality and materials
The scraper and flint are encased inside a sturdy plastic clasp, which attaches to the Inlife Survival Bracelet military-grade paracord. The whole thing is solidly built, and we’re big fans of the design, too. A great contender to win our top 5 best camping gadgets review.

The Inlife Survival Bracelet paracord is suitable for tying up your tent and other essentials, and in a pinch, can be used to secure a splint in the event of a broken limb.

The scraper and flint work as a fantastic duo to help start a fire quickly and safely, and the tiny compass is fairly accurate, as is the thermometer. They may not be Garmin standard, but they’re certainly worth a shot for the price.

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Features a whistle, thermometer, scraper, flint and paracord.

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