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Solar Camping Light with hand crank

solar powered lantern solar charged Camping-Light AGPtek 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo powered lantern

Biolights, solar and rechargeable lights are a logical move for people who love the great outdoors, and who want to keep it that way.

We’ve chosen some of the best solar and most eco-friendly rechargeable camping lights, which strike a balance between great value and great performance. Keep your solar light out during the day to charge, and enjoy free energy all night long. If you’re hiking, find a way to secure your lamp to your rucksack, and charge as you walk.

As always at Camping Things, we only review the best, most value-for-money options, so you’re assured a great deal, whichever light you pick.

Solar Camping Light, Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LED Lantern

‘Solar powered hanging lantern, doubles as a charger.’

This Solar Camping Light is a technological marvel, capable of providing a full-night’s lighting on a single charge during the day, via the attached top solar panel, and of charging your phone and other devices. There’s a built-in USB port on the side, so you can plug straight into the lamp once it’s charged, and we absolutely love the hand crank charger on the front, allowing you 1 of 5 ways to charge (Solar Powered, Crank , Car Adapter, AC Adapter or 3 x AA Battery)      

Build quality
Even though this Solar Camping Light is mostly plastic, there’s something reassuringly sturdy about it. It’s really well designed, and it looks great. In testing, it stands up to general use well, and would make a great addition to any seasoned or weekend camper’s kit.

Made mostly from quality plastic, there’s a solar panel on top which is protected by a fold-over cover.

The AGPtek doubles as a charger, and comes with a built-in USB port, for plugging in phones, tablets and other devices. We were seriously impressed this versatile light, much brighter than other camping lights with a lower energy consumption. Works as either a standing lamp, or a hanging lantern.

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Feature packed a great addition to any seasoned or weekend camper’s kit. (check latest price and stock levels here)

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