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Pathfinder Cree Headlamp XP-E Q4

PATHFINDER XP E Q4 CREE LED Headlamp for trekking Headlight for camping things to take hiking

A decent headlamp should stay in place without too much adjusting, and be able to withstand the odd bit of wear and tear.

Perfect for night time hiking and running, and for just finding your way around in the dark when you’re out camping. There are plenty of headlamps around, and a lot of the cheaper ones just aren’t up to scratch, cracking and breaking down  with extended wear and use. If you’ve visited Camping Things before, you’ll know that we do all we can do find a balance between quality and value for money. These top 5 best headlamps are simple to use, and mostly employ power saving LEDs.

Pathfinder Cree Headlamp XP-E Q4

‘Powerful and power-efficient headlamp.’

One of the main problems with any torch or headlamp, is that when the batteries start to get low, the brightness tends to dip. The Pathfinder Cree Headlamp stays at full brightness for longer, right up until your batteries are at around 15% capacity. The Pathfinder has three different modes: full beam, power-saver and strobe or blinking, which is great for attracting attention, or letting other members of your group know where you are.

Build quality and fit
The Pathfinder is a simple piece of kit, essentially a single LED lamp, attached to a plastic backing plate, with an elasticated headband. The headband is fully adjustable on the top and the sides, and while there’s no padding, it’s light enough not to cause too much trouble. It’s of decent quality, good enough for weekend camping trips and fairweather hiking. You probably wouldn’t want to use it on more extreme climbing trips. Works well stretched over a helmet, too.

To keep costs low, the Pathfinder Cree Headlamp is made from simple plastics and an elasticated headband. As we mentioned, it’s not suitable for extreme climbing, but if all you’re looking for is a sturdy headlamp for weekend camping, then the Pathfinder is a solid option.

Everything is controlled with a simple push button on the side of the Pathfinder. Use it to select one of three modes (high power, power saver, strobe).

Effective beam up to 100m, which is impressive for the size and cost, and the Pathfinder Cree Headlamp will work in temperatures ranging from -40 degress to 60 degrees.

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Compact and powerful, the Pathfinder is a versatile all-rounder that’s good for use as a reading light, and for hiking.

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