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Isport Camp Stove Cooking Set

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These stove cooking sets are the most compact, convenient way of carrying around everything you need to whip up breakfast, lunch and dinner on the camping trail.

No more hauling around pots and pans, and no need to spend a fortune of self-heating packets of food. Just un-stack one of these portable cooking sets, and away you go.

Isport Camp Stove Cooking Set

‘Lightweight and compact, perfect for one.’

Essentially one small pot and a cup wrapped around a powerful little burner, the Isport Camp Stove Cooking Set is just what you need to heat a small amount of food and a hot drink. This self-contained little wonder is awesome for backpacking and camping, and the price point means it’s totally reasonable for every person in your group to own one. The Isport is built to last, and those folding handles are coated to keep your fingers from getting burnt.

Size and weight

Isport says this stove set is good for two people, but we found that it’s about the right size for one active person on the hiking trail. At 6.3 in x 4.4 in, it’s just big enough to hold a good amount of food and drink, without taking up too much room. And weighing just 386g, it’s no hassle at all to carry.


Made from high quality aluminium, the Isport Camp Stove Cooking Set is durable and easy to clean, a real contender in this review of cooking sets.


You’ll need to buy the right gas canister to go in the Isport, but other than that, it’s a pretty simple piece of kit. Push the clicker to light the stove, pull out the supports and get heating. There’s a small lever on the side of the stove to adjust the flame.

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Rated - Isport Camp Stove Cooking Set
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Weighing just 386g, it’s no hassle at all to carry.

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