BlueStone Waterproof Rain Tarp

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You’ve got yourself all wrapped up and covered against the elements, but what about your bikes? Keeping the rain off your bike at home and when you’re out camping means no more soggy seat, and no frame or mechanism damage from rain, sleet and snow.

If you’re on a weekend trip, a bike tent is also a great place to stash all of your other stuff, freeing up space to sleep and eat in your tent.

BlueStone Waterproof Rain Tarp

‘Rain or shine, the BlueStone’s got it covered.’

Big and waterproof, if you’re in the market for a tarp that folds down into a tent, this versatile rain cover is perfect. Super durable and flexible, it folds into whatever shape you need it to, the BlueStone comes with a set of clips and ropes to allow for full customisation of where you put it and in what shape.

Size and weight
The biggest bike tent featured on our list, the BlueStone is essentially a large waterproof tarp, measuring in at 3m x 3.7m. That means you can use it as a cover-all for yourself on picnics, or even sleep under it. And, at 1.3kg, it’s not too heavy, either.

The BlueStone Waterproof Rain Tarp comes with a set of ropes and clips to allow you to set it up however you’d like, but then it’s really up to you. It’s essentially a large tarp with 19 attachment loops around the top and outside.

Made from 100% Oxford silver tape, which is extremely durable and waterproof.

Value for money
You can’t go wrong on value for money with the BlueStone Waterproof Rain Tarp, especially not when it’s as customisable as it is.

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Made from 100% Oxford silver tape, which is extremely durable and waterproof.

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