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Rolson LED Camping Light

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Lighting a fire or bringing a gas lamp into the tent are clearly terrible ideas, and using up precious battery on your phone probably isn’t what you need, either, when you’re out in the wilderness.

LED hanging tent lights are a great alternative. They’re bright, inexpensive, safe and tend to last a long time. We’re big fans of LED lights, too, because they’re good to go at any extreme, hot or cold. Most the tent lights we’ve chosen to review at Camping Things, are good to go from -40 up to 60 degrees, without too much of a problem.

As always, we’ve tried to find a balance between value and quality, so you’re assured a great piece of kit, whichever one of these space-saving lights you pick

Rolson LED Camping Light

‘Solid bar light for even brightness distribution.’

Like its cousins the 3-piece hanging set, the Rolson LED Camping Light is a great addition to any camping or hiking kit. Available as a great value two-pack, a single Rolson bar light contains a reassuringly bright 72 LED setup. Simple on/off push button, and a plastic hanging hook for keeping the light up and out of the way inside your tent.

Build quality
Just like Rolson’s tool sets, the bar light is great value, coupled with excellent quality. We’re big fans of the bar light, and it works just as well outside as it does inside the tent.

The housing and LED cover are made from high quality plastic, making the Rolson LED Camping Light strong and lightweight.

72 LED lights is enough to light your tent, plus a small camping area, and if you’ve got nowhere to hang the Rolson, it comes with three magnets on the back, so you can stick it wherever you like.

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Rated - Rolson LED Camping Light
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A reassuringly bright 72 LED setup.

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