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TaoTronics Collapsible LED Lantern

Collapsible LED Lantern for camping TaoTronics Collapsible LED Camping Lamp tent lighting for wild camping

Modern lanterns are a far cry from the unsafe gas varieties often found hanging in tents of expeditions past.

Usually powered these days by LEDs, these lanterns provide a great semi-permanent light source for inside and out, whether you’re off on a weekend jaunt, at a festival, or setting up basecamp on a more extreme adventure. We’ve picked a few of our favourites, and as always, tried to find a balance between great quality, and great value.

TaoTronics Collapsible LED Lantern

‘Cheap, cheerful, outdoor lantern.’

For the price, this is one of the best collapsible lanterns we’ve seen. The TaoTronics makes a fantastic addition to your weekend camping kit, and is also great as an ultra-lightweight fishing light. The lantern collapses down to the size of a beer can, and when unfolded, features a hanging handle so you can position it wherever you like, away from the wet ground.

Build quality
The TaoTronics Collapsible LED Lantern doesn’t have the same quality feel as some of the other higher-end lanterns on our list, but for the price, it’s decent enough, and it’s good to have one stashed away in your kit for emergencies.

Keeping costs low, the TaoTronics is made from reasonable-quality plastic. It’s not incredible, but it does the job.

Folds down into itself, to around the size of a beer can. The TaoTronics is a Collapsible LED Lantern, so it shines brightly without any noticeable dip in brightness until the batteries are near empty. LEDs tend to perform well in extreme conditions, too, so this a good one to have as a lightweight backup on your travels.

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Great size – Folds down into itself, to around the size of a beer can.

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