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Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

camping things to bring in backpack Black Diamond Apollo Lantern and Torch best hiking flashlight

Modern lanterns are a far cry from the unsafe gas varieties often found hanging in tents of expeditions past.

Usually powered these days by LEDs, these lanterns provide a great semi-permanent light source for inside and out, whether you’re off on a weekend jaunt, at a festival, or setting up basecamp on a more extreme adventure. We’ve picked a few of our favourites, and as always, tried to find a balance between great quality, and great value.

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

‘Simple, powerful outdoor folding lantern.’

The Apollo Lantern is a simple, thoughtfully built LED lantern that’s light on extra features, but superb at what it’s made for. 80 lumen of light housed inside a frosted globe, the Apollo distributes its light evenly and efficiently.

The dual reflector inside the globe is responsible for distributing the light evenly, and it works nicely inside a tent, or as an ambient outdoor light.

Build quality
Because the Apollo Lantern is low on extras, there’s a big focus on quality. It’s made from plastic and a frosted plastic globe upper, and the legs are steel. You can either stand the Apollo on its tripod legs, or use the steel hanging handle to hang it from branches or inside your tent.

Made mostly from plastic and stainless steel, the Apollo Lantern is a trusty outdoor companion, that’s lightweight, durable and weatherproof.

There’s not a lot extra to say about the Apollo. It’s a simple, powerful LED lantern. It does feature folding legs, and the dual reflector system inside the frosted globe helps to distribute the light evenly, indoors and outdoors.

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Apollo Lantern is a trusty outdoor companion, that’s lightweight, durable and weatherproof.

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