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Our reviews at Camping Things cover size, features, materials and what of environment and activity best suits that particular tent.

The best one man tent should be big enough for you to sleep comfortably in, with enough room to sit up and store your supplies. It should also be compact enough to carry around without causing you any hassle while you’re moving between camps, or heading up the trail.

Look out for Thermo-taped seams, mosquito nets and little porches, to help make your camping trips safer and more enjoyable. We’ve tried to pick tents which are suitable for taller people, too, since nobody likes to feel all cramped up after a long day hiking and exploring.


Yellowstone Matterhorn Tent

‘Great for people over 6ft, also streamlined.’

The Matterhorn tent is a simple, inner and outer layer one-person tent, that’s low-slung to guard against high winds. The inner layer pitches first, followed by a protective outer layer, so the whole thing is double-protected. Large enough to house tall people and large rucksacks.

Size and weight
With a total length of 2.7m and a height of 90cm, there’s enough room inside for tall people, and you’ll be able to sit up comfortably, without having to crane your neck around the ceiling. The Yellowstone Matterhorn weighs in a 1.5kg, making it fairly lightweight.

The groundsheet is attached to the Matterhorn, adding to the security and weatherproofing. It also stops pesky critters getting in. Features separate inner and outer layers for added durability and protection. The Matterhorn is shaped to be as aerodynamic as possible, to help guard against strong winds.

Fire resistant, which is always a plus. Waterproof level 2000 HH (Hydrostatic Head). Made from polyester, which is decently strong and durable for the cost.

Best for
Weekend camping trips and low altitude hikes.

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Terra Nova Southern Cross 1 Tent

‘Sturdy free-standing tent with a porch.’

You can’t really expect too many fancy add-ons when it comes to lightweight one-person tents, but the Nova Southern Cross does come with a handy porch area, for when you need place to get ready, keep your shoes to dry, or whatever, without having them battered by wind and rain.

Size and weight
With a packed weight of 1.6kg, it’s really not too heavy at all, and at 2.2m by 1m, the Nova is roomy enough to sleep comfortably with your belongings, with enough room to sit up during the night, when you’re woken up by the sound of Bigfoot.

The Nova features an extra sturdy top pole, which helps keep the tent grounded and secure. It’s free-standing, so you can pitch it pretty much anywhere there’s ground to get purchase on, and the little front porch is something we love, for comfort and practical reasons.

Polyester, inner and outer layers pitch together.

Best for
Short hiking trips, weekend camping and festivals and a serious contender for best one man tent we’ve reviewed.

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Mil-tec One Man Flecktarn Recon Tent

‘Camo tent, for when you’re feeling incognito.’

The Mil-tec is not messing around, with its cool camo print and double-skin layers, it’s ready for some pretty extreme conditions. Some people are a little wary of double-layer tents like this one, but the Mil-tec’s system of skins makes it extra waterproof, as well as windproof and sturdy enough to keep out excess cold and heat.

Size and weight
At 2.7kg the Mil-tec is somewhat heavier than the other choices here, but it’s sturdy and durable. Size-wise, there’s a generous 2.4m inside, and an even more generous 1.35m inside, so plenty of room for recon.

The double-layer skin keeps the Mil-tec cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as dry and windproof. The camp print is great if you’re around nature and want to keep a low profile, and with a special ventilation system, airflow remains constant and fresh.

As with most of these tents, the Mil-tec is made from Oxford polyester, which is durable and waterproof.

Best for
More challenging camping trips, boot camps and weekends away.

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Nordisk Svalbard 1 PU Tunnel Tent

‘Magnetic door locks and high wind stability.’

For campers and hikers in need of something with a bit more beef, the Svalbard is incredibly stable in high wind, and its tunnel design makes best use of space and is great and roomy. Inner and outer pitch separately, increasing the tent’s waterproof capabilities and durability.

Size and weight
With a packed weight of 2kg, the Svalbard  is reassuringly sturdy, with enough weight to keep it from blowing away, but light enough to carry around on the trail. Spoiler alert: this won our best one man tent review its such a great tent.

The Svalbard is mainly designed to be sturdy in strong winds. The tent is designed with a recess near the head, to help keep the elements away from you while you sleep.  there is a small porch at the front of the tent, which is great for storing wet shoes and for taking in the scenery when the weather allows. Also features magnetic quick-snap door locks for easy access to and from the tent.

The Svalbard is made from waterproof and windproof polyester.

Best for
Serious hikers, weekend trips,  and casual campers who don’t mind spending a bit more money.

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Altus 41500DI036 Light Series Tent

‘Serious weather protection for extreme hiking and camping.’

Thermo-sealed seams and double mosquito net interior to help keep pesky critters out. High-grade ventilation and extremely wind and waterproof.

Size and weight
A tapered tent with enough room inside for tall people to stretch out and sit up with large rucksacks. Packed weight is 1.7kg.

As well as being strong and sturdy, the Altus is lightweight and features double doors with mosquito netting, making it great for hot weather and forest camping. The tapered design makes is extremely sturdy in high winds, and the ventilation system helps to keep clear air circulating throughout the tent. A serious contender for best one man tent in our review.

Thermo-sealed seams offer greater protection from rain and wind, and will help to keep the seams from splitting after constant use, a problem faced by many cheaper tents on the market.

Best for
Serious hikers and campers, and amateurs willing to spend more money for a high-quality one-person tent.

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Best One Man Tent


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Our Choice - Nordisk Svalbard 1 PU Tunnel Tent
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Weight
  • Value


For campers and hikers in need of something with a bit more beef, the Svalbard is incredibly stable in high wind, and its tunnel design makes best use of space and is great and roomy. In our opinion the best one man tent. [amazon_link asins=’B00BFP813W’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’campthin-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’86637c71-ce6e-11e6-b7e3-553b3a543cc6′]

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  • Not really a fan of really small tents as they seem quite claustrophobic, the Terra Nova Southern Cross wasn’t so bad with plenty of room to wriggle about and get in/out my rucksack.

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