Nordisk Telemark 1 ULW

Best EXTREME adventure tents camping things to bring trekking Nordisk Telemark 1 ULW tent for hiking

Going beyond simple waterproofing and cover, these extreme tents are made for the harshest conditions. Wind, rain, sleet and snow are no match for the tents on this list.

These Top 5 Best EXTREME adventure tents are ideal for long weekends away, mountaineering and peace of mind. We’ve picked top brands we trust, but still tried to keep costs down, and value for money high. All of these tents are low-slung and fairly elongated for maximum aerodynamics.

Nordisk Telemark 1 ULW

‘ULW stands for Ultra Light Weight.’

Nordisk Telemark tents are some of the best around, tested in wind tunnels to ensure they’ll perform in the highest winds, they’re also incredibly waterproof and ultra light weight. We love the Telemark 1, and have featured the Telemark 2 on Camping Things before. The tunnel design allows for maximum comfort and space, while keeping the tent as sleek and windproof as possible.

Size and weight
Ultra Light Weight, that’s what the Nordisk Telemark 1 ULW1 is all about. Weighing just 770g, it’s one of the lightest extreme tents in the world. It’s roomy enough for one person to sleep comfortably, with 2.3m of length and a comfortable 86cm of height to sit up in.

The tunnel design is what gives the Nordisk Telemark 1 ULW its extreme windproof properties, and with a separate stuff compartment down by your feet, you’re free to stretch out inside without being cluttered by wet shoes and bags. Features quick fastenings for easy construction, and folds up into a small carry case which can be stashed away in a backpack or clipped on.

YKK high-quality zips all around, and state-of-the-art waterproof and windproof fabrics are what make the Telemark so light and so popular with extreme climbers and campers.

Value for money
A solid investment and one which will last and perform for many years, over many extreme expeditions.

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A solid investment and one which will last and perform for many years, over many extreme expeditions.

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