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Top 5 Backpack Reservoirs and Water Bladders

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Staying hydrated on the trail when you’re out camping is important, and so is finding the right hydration pack.

Many of the rucksacks featured on Camping Things are hydration pack compatible, and here, we’ve picked out a few of the best backpack reservoirs and quality water reservoirs around. We’ve covered capacity, features, budget and attachments and given each our own hygiene rating.


OSPREY Hydraulics 2L Reservoir

‘Osprey quality with bite valve for easy water access.’

We’ve featured Osprey on Camping Things many times, and with good reason. Their gear is always top-quality, and when it comes to hydration packs, that attention to detail extends into every aspect of the design.

A generous 2L capacity makes this perfect for full-day hikes, when you won’t have an opportunity to refill.

The Hydraulics features a Slide-seal top for easy access and filling, as well as a secure closure to prevent spillages and leaks. A built-in pour shield extends the collar out for easy filling, and the pouch itself is made from durable, BPA-free TPU plastic.

The valve on the Osprey Hydraulics is a bite valve, which makes it secure and easy to control the flow of water. Also features a carry handle.

Hygiene rating



fitnessXzone 2L Hiking Hydration Bladder Bag

‘Simple 2 litre pouch for use inside camping backpacks.’

There’s nothing fancy or complicated about the fitnessXzone, just 2 litres of durable plastic to carry water on your camping trips. That’s all you want, right? A place to store water on long hikes, with a tube that won’t snap, clog or taste awful? The fitnessXzone is inexpensive and fits into many of the large and extra-large rucksacks featured on Camping Things.

No fancy clips or seals, just 2L of space to fill to the brim with water.

The tube on the fitnessXzone is a generous 100cm, with a convenient bite valve at the end. The closure isn’t as easy to use as the Osprey without spilling at least a little bit, and the screw top is perhaps not as hygienic, but there’s nothing wrong here.

Hygiene rating



Simple Black Hydration Pouch Backpack

‘Backpack made specifically for hydration pouches.’

If all you’ve got is a hydration pouch, and what you need is a pack to put it in, this little fella is perfect. Will fit pouches up to 2L and features mesh straps to decrease weight and increase comfort.

The pack is capable of holding hydration pouches up to 2L.

Available in a range of colours, the pack has a super simple velcro closure, with an opening for the drinking tube. Mesh straps help to decrease the weight and reduce sweating, while increasing comfort. One of the most versatile best backpack reservoirs in our review.

5/5 — This is just the backpack for a hydration pouch (available to buy separately)



Kany Hydration Bladder 2L

‘Strong, reliable and odourless hydration pouch.’

A good hydration pouch has a few essential features: It needs to be strong and leak-proof, it needs be odourless and it needs to hold a decent amount of water. The Kany does all of those things, and is free from harmful BPAs (chemicals which are sometimes used in the production of plastics.)

With just a slim, strong seam around the edge, the Kany is capable of holding 2L of water, without taking up any more space than is necessary.

A simple on/off switch on the valve make the tube secure and reliable. The tube and pouch are made from non-toxic, food-grade plastic, which is also antibacterial. The leak-proof design is airtight, and pressure resistant, so it won’t be affected by altitude hikes.

Hygiene rating



Woodside 2L Hydration Pack and Bladder

‘Combined hydration pouch and backpack.’

For hiking, running and cycling, when all you’re taking on your back is water, the Woodside is an all-in-one that does the job and looks pretty cool, too. Available in a huge range of colours, it’s durable, well-made and features an on/off valve.

The hydration pouch inside the backpack has a capacity of 2L. The backpack measure approximately 40cm x 20cm x 10cm, and is made from durable polyester. One of the best backpack reservoirs in our review.

Looks just like a regular backpack, with drawstring cords on the front to tighten up the pack if you’re not filling it the whole way.

Having said that the Woodside is perfect when all you’re taking is water, the backpack does come with two side pockets, for storing snacks, keys and your phone. You can also remove the bladder completely, turning the Woodside into a regular 8L rucksack its outstanding value for money.

Hygiene rating

Best Backpack Reservoirs


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Our Choice - Woodside 2L Hydration Pack and Bladder
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Hygiene


Because you can also remove the bladder completely, turning the Woodside into a regular 8L rucksack its outstanding value for money.

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