When the iPad isnt charged…

Go off grid: turn off the phone and breathe, if you can’t have fun without your phone in your hand, then something has gone wrong A few days away from your modern hectic life can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Dare to turn off all those gadgets and just play

Camping can be a way to let your mind and body breathe, like, really breathe. To fully relax and let your ideas flow, if we stay plugged in for too long, it makes us sick, it makes us go crazy.

Why do we go camping? Well there needn’t be any other reason than because you enjoy the hell out of it, for you to go camping. If you just love the feeling of being outdoors, of climbing and hiking and taking in stunning views from the top of cliffs or the bottom of sweeping valleys, then that’s the reason you go.

At Camping Things we’re all about finding the right camping gear for the job, at a price that’s affordable. We love wild camping, and we believe that we’ve built up a solid knowledge of what’s good for accompanying you on your jaunts into the wilderness of the UK, USA and beyond.

There’s nothing quite like a camping trip to put you back in touch with who you really are, with the good, focused and relaxed person you know that you can be, and if you have the time (which you should), then we highly recommend putting on all of your best gear, and at least going out for a walk, without your phone.

Here are our picks for the right camping gear to help make your wild camping and trekking trips more enjoyable, more safe and more memorable.

So that’s us, do it alone and get a real life rush, go camping with a friend and double the experience – share the views, jokes, falls plus that compulsory fireside beer under the stars.

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