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Swap the road for a river and season 4 of that box set for the changing seasons of a mountain valley.  Do it alone and get a real life rush, go family camping with a friends and double the experience, share the views, jokes, falls and the compulsory fireside beer in the remotest of quirky pubs. Our advice is simply to have fun and take the best camping equipment possible.

This website simply aims to share the best camping equipment reviews and trekking experiences to help you get more out of getting out more… (see what we did there). Please get involved, tell us about your best adventures, secret camping spots and latest camping equipment.

At Camping Things, we love an adventure, we also enjoy a bit of bushcraft, and it never hurts to know to make a hat from the skin of a freshwater trout. Our books are carefully selected to bring you a combination of fun and interesting reading, while also being informative, practical guides to life in the outdoors.

Great Active Games we highly recommend

If you’re heading for a weekend family camping or if hiking alone and you know that a few extra comforts would make the trip easier, we’ve got some suggestions.

best camping equipment for hiking stove for outdoor camping stove cookware for hiking camping things for backpacking

These lightweight camping gadgets are great value for money, and can help turn a basic cooking stove, into a full-on dining experience. As always, we’ve chosen a balance between high quality and value, so you’re always assured great kit, whatever you choose.

At Camping Things it’s our job to do most of the considering for you. We love the outdoors, camping, hiking and having the best camping equipment to enjoy ourselves and stay safe.

best camping equipment for trekking tent best one man tent for hiking camping things to bring to camp

A tent is essentially a cover to keep you warm and dry, and your belongings safe, but there’s more to choosing a good tent than you might imagine. How big does it need to be? What about the ground sheet? Is it well ventilated? Can you stand up inside? Then there’s the question of materials and cost, inner and outer layers — if you’re serious about buying a tent to last, that will give you the most value for money on your camping trips, there’s a lot to consider.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a designated camp site, or scaling a mountain, a decent tent is a must-have, and we’ve picked out a few of our favourites to share with you. We’ve got it covered.

Biolights, solar and rechargeable lights are a logical move for people who love the great outdoors, and who want to keep it that way.

best camping equipment best biolite campstove top 5 cooker for hiking campings to pack for trekking cook kit

We’ve chosen some of the best solar and most eco-friendly rechargeable camping lights, which strike a balance between great value and great performance. Keep your solar light out during the day to charge, and enjoy free energy all night long. If you’re hiking, find a way to secure your lamp to your rucksack, and charge as you walk.

As always at Camping Things, we only review the best family camping equipment, most value-for-money options, so you’re assured a great deal, whichever light you pick.

All the very best

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